"Hold On, Pain Ends." I read on the color-stained walls. Until now, I thought nobody could be trusted, that I only could trust myself, that nobody would be there when I needed someone the most.
"You're not wrong. Pain does end. Only if you let it." I said turning around.


7. Well this is Awkward


"What's up Luke?" I said making my way to the door, Luke followed me up to my front door.

"Where have you been? Nobody ever saw you leave school, and you weren't with Lou at practice. " Luke said, hearing Louis's name so casually from someone else made me feel uncomfortable, but I brushed off the feeling. 

"I had somewhere to be." I lied, Me and Luke had become close recently after he moved in with our grandmother down the street at the beginning of the summer. I'm not going to lie, having some family that wasn't female defiantly put me at ease. But even though Luke and I were close, I still hadn't told him about what happened between me and Louis, I haven't told anyone yet.

"Somewhere like where? Louis was looking for you after school and at practice." He said as I opened the door. I tried to hide the clearly visible pain on my face. Every time I was near Lou or heard his name, I felt absolutely horrible. I practically rejected the only person who understood me and would never leave my side, when all he wanted to do was be honest with me.

"I'm not worried about it." I said trying to act casual. I held the door open for Luke, but quickly regretted my decision when I saw a very familiar figure come from the living room. I looked up instantly making eye-contact with Louis. He looked apologetic for a moment then his face quickly changed as he noticed Luke.

"Hey Lou?" Luke said as if it was weird Louis was here at my house, which honestly it was. Louis's face shifted from apologetic to annoyed to calm.

"What's up Luke? I didn't know you were coming over today." Louis said as if me and him had made plans to meet up.

"Oh yea, I wasn't I kinda was on a walk and I caught Mia walking up. So I just said hi. But I can go, it seems I have interrupted something. " Luke said, heading toward the door. Yes I never told him but it wasn't like the boy was stupid or something, he caught on fast.

"I'm sorry" he said when Luke was gone. I looked at Louis entirely and completely confused.

"You're Sorry?! Why the hell are you apologizing? I should be the sorry one, I ended up rejecting my best friend  and losing you, instead of just listening to you." I did it again, I said my thoughts without thinking. I didn't do the sappy sweet stuff, it just wasn't me and Lou knew that. I looked up embarrassed, to see the brightest smile I'd ever seen from Lou. It nearly took me by surprise. Blushing from shock and embarrassment I rolled my eyes and walked past my best friend and to my room, he just followed.

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