Wishing Never Helped

I wished my life would end. I wished my mother would leave me the hell alone. I wished the boy that I fell in love would jump off a bridge.I wished my friends would tell me the truth. I wished my father would tell me the truth. I wish that everyone would stop lying. But some wishes are better off unwished.


1. My Life as that "slut"

 I walk by my homeroom and the class has started. But I wasn't headed for homeroom. I run down the hallway getting faster every step till I reach the doors. I hear footsteps didn't even need to turn around to know who it's was." Hey slut, wanna come over for bjs", I turn around slowly and see it's Ramouro. I take one good look at him and I black out. I wake up and I'm in my car knuckles bruised and sore. My phone clock says it's 11am meaning I only lost a few minutes of time. I drive home fast. When I unlock the door I hear the voices telling me wishing never helped. But I couldn't care less. I walk up the stairs to my room and my mum is sitting on my bed holding something in here hand. She holds it up and shakes her head." Do you know what this is ", it's in a plastic covering and its pink. " No I quietly shake my head", she throws it in my face. " It's a condom Cilia... It's a damn condom!!", I still don't know what it's for." You act like I'm suppose to know what it's for,but I don't you bitch!!", I scream at her not feeling the slightest prick of regret. She gasp in horror at my tone. " your such a disappointment to me Cilia", I shake my head." And your a crack slinging whore... your not even my mum", this gets her alert and she looks up at me. " now you listen Cilia I stopped that- I cut her off by grabbing my clothes and shoving them into a bag. " where are you going?", she asks thinking she doesn't know,but she's lying to herself. I walk out with saying a word. I opened the door the slammed it shut. My name is Cilia Chance Wishing... I'm 17 still a virgin and an orphan. 


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