Delilah has been broken many times before. promises her self to never fall again unfortunately her best friend Jane Hemming has a brother who cant keep his eyes of the pretty green eye and black hair beauty queen, but he doesn't know she hides a secret that may change his mind about her.


4. car ride

Two hours went by. The power was still out my phone was dying, but I still didn't want to go home but I didn't want to be a preposition. At this time Jane was already in bed, so I went up to Luke " hi " I said timidly. He looks up at me he was on his phone and the light reflecting from it he looks at me and I could see his blue eyes " hi" he says " can I help you?" " um yeah" I responded unsure. " could you um drive me home?" Still sounding unsure. He gets up and walks up to me. He picks my head up I didn't know I was starting at the floor. He gently presses his lips against mine leaving paralyzed by his sweet touch. He caresses my cheeks and runs his hands through my hair. " God your so beautiful" he says truthfully. I couldn't help but smile " thank you" I said stupidly he smiles. he takes me by the hand and leads me to his car. he opens the passenger door and buckles me in. the he teasingly say "wouldn't want a princess hurt" I laugh then tease back " well thank you peasant" he then gets in and starts driving. about five minutes before we would get to my house he stops the car and holds my hand as he points to the gorgeous stars. " you see how bright they shine?' I nod "yeah" "well non of them will ever shine as bright if you  don't et me take you on a date" he said looking straight into my eyes. I felt my heart warm up a little then the memory of the last kicks in and my heart turns back to coal black " Luke that was real sweet, it really was, but I'm not ready yet, maybe ill reserve the seat and someday let you but you have hat awful reputation of hurting girls and I honestly don't want to be one of them.'' I said while looking at the stars I then heard him sigh and he drove me to my house. "thanks " I said he didn't respond he quickly sped away.

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