A Dragon's worst fear

When a new guy comes the watering hole a little to much for the rest of the dragon's taste and catches the ladies eyes. The males don't like him so much but eventually they let him join their group. But when mating season comes and eggs start disappearing everyone starts blaming him. can he get to the bottom of it before and get back the eggs before its too late?


1. The new guy

The large herd of younger dragons were chatting in one of the caves in the mountain side. "Who else is bored?" Pearl asked. She flicked her long white tail around and playfully pawed at Thunder's face. "We all are." Thunder growled. He swatted back at her with his blueish colored talons. Another dragon came into the cave. "Then let's go down to the river." Night said. She flicked her black tail toward the cave entrance. Storm Thunder's younger brother stood. "Yeah let's go!" he said. he had a major crush on Night. Ginger stood also and stretched her brownish colored legs. "last one there is a rotten egg!" she roared. Everyone raced out of the cave and leaped into the air gliding down to the water. Night and Thunder took the lead. "You think i'm going to let you win?" she asked. Before Thunder could even get in a word Night bumped into Thunder and folded her wings diving into the water. Thunder followed her under with Storm and Ginger right behind him. They all climbed onto the river bank laughing. "So who was the rotten egg?" Night asked shaking the water off. "Ginger was." Storm said pointing his wing to her. Ginger growled at him. "I totally beat you!" Ginger tackled him and started to bit his neck playfully. The young dragons started playing in the water and fighting with each other. Storm and Thunder started to play fight when three more dragon's came to join them. It was Sky a beautiful blue dragon, Cinnamon Ginger's twin, and Ash the oldest of the group. His large gray figure was hard to miss. They landed next to Night who was sun bathing. "Hey its about time you got here." she smiled. Sky instantly went to the water and started to catch some fish. Cinnamon raced over to Ginger to break up the now fierce fight. Ash laid down next to Night. Sky was swimming under the water enjoying the colorful plants and fish. A large shadow in the water caught her eye. She wanted to go check it out but she was running out of breath. Sky beat her wings sending her shooting to the surface. She took in a deep breath and went back under. The black figure appeared in the distance again. Curious Sky swam over to see what it was. out of the depths she noticed a pair of crystal blue eyes staring at her. They blinked at her before disappearing. Sky swam down towards the pair of eyes. Suddenly the black figure pushed past her and started swimming toward the surface. Sky spun around. Not knowing which way to swim Sky started looking around in the darkness. She felt herself being what she thought was down. Before long she could see the sun's rays on the surface of the water below her. She spun and around and swam to the top. Sky took a deep breath and crawled onto the river bank. "Did you catch anything?" Night asked. Sky shook her head confused by what just happened. "No, not this time." she said. She shook the water off and went to sit in the sun to help draw off. After awhile the gang start getting bored. Soon the rest of the dragons joined them at the water. The males started challenging each other trying to impress the females. Some of the dragons started  to go fishing. Suddenly a group of dragons burst through the surface chasing a large younger black dragon. he was much faster then those chasing him. The dragon landed on the other side of the river where their mountain was. he snarled as the three other dragons landed in front of him. They all snarled at the black dragon. The black dragon put his wings up a little and raised onto his hind legs. He roared fiercely gathering everyone's attention. The other dragons know he means business and back away slightly frightened. The gang watch as the large black dragon glares at the ones who chased him. He snorted a warning and dug his long sharp talons into the ground. The dragons headed his warning and went back to the other side. The dark black dragon growled lowly and put his wings down. He turned his back to the others and started to walk off. Everyone kept watching him. The dragon spread his wings and jumped high into the air flying off. The tension in everyone subsided and everyone went back to their business.  "That was bizarre." Sky said. Night nodded in agreement. "Yes it was." Storm bounded over. "He didn't look so tough!" he said. "Shut up small fry." Thunder growled pushing his younger brother's head down with his talons. "He seemed really scary." Ginger and Cinnamon said. Pearl nodded. "Well he's gone now and if he comes back I'm going to take care of him." Ash snorted. Later that day the other dragons head back to the water. Night stretched out on her back in the soft green grass. Peal laid beside her friend with her wings stretched out. Cinnamon and Ginger started play fighting while Storm, Ash, and Thunder started fighting for real to impress the girls. Sky was playing in the water like always. The black dragon from earlier landed on the other side with something in his talons. Sky was the first to notice the dragon. "Hey guys look the dragon is back." she said shaking the water off. Night rolled back over and the boys stopped fighting. The other girls turn toward the dragon. The black dragon clearly didn't see them as he ripped into whatever it was he had. Ash growled lowly. Night watched him curious. The black dragon heard him but didn't care. Thunder and Storm growled too. The dragon didn't even bother to turn to them. "Go on Ash you can do it!" Ginger cheered. The dragon snorted in amusement and continued eating. Ash flew to the other side of the river growling. The dragon finished his meal and turned around. Sky's eyes widened. She recognized those crystal blue eyes. He was the figure in the water. Ash roared fiercely and put his wings up challenging the dragon. The dragon went on his back legs and roared accepting the challenge. "Bring it on!" he snarled. Ash charged forward slamming into the dragon's stomach. he fell onto his back while Ash clamped his jaws onto the dragon's neck. The dragon kicked fiercely at Ash's stomach and chest digging his talons into Ash's hide. Ash reluctantly let go of the dragon's neck and flew backwards from the dragon's force. The dragon rolled over and snarled tackled Ash with speed they didn't even know a dragon could have. Before Ash could even react the dragon clawed at his from right leg and his wings. Ash roared with pain and tried to fight back but his legs were pinned. Storm and Thunder sidestepped wanting to help their leader. Ash freed one of his talons and forcefully and kicked the dragon sending him off. The dragon snarled. His talons and teeth stained with Ash's blood. Ash stood his right paw lifted and his wings weirdly folded. The dragon snarled and went to attack again but Night and Sky jumped in front of him. The dragon growled and folded his wings. Ash limped in front of the girls. "I-I give." Ash said. The dragon snorts and went out of his battle stance. The dragon nodded with a snort. He walked over to the water and started cleaning off the blood instead of licking it off like most dragons do. Sky and Night growled at the dragon warning him to keep his distance. Ginger and Cinnamon went over to Ash to help him. The dragon came out of the water and shook himself. "You could have killed him!" Night snarled at the dragon. The dragon turned his head to look at her. "It was a challenge, many dragons die in challenges." he growled. Night roared with anger. "You didn't have to be so brutal!" Night growled. "Would you being  saying the same to your boyfriend did the same to me?!" he snarled back at her. "Would you be defending me if I was in his position?!" Night looked away not wanting to answer. "Exactly! Your on your own when it comes to a fight, you gamble your life!" he roared. "Survival of the fittest!" Night knew he was right but she wasn't going to admit it. Instead of apologizing like she should have she roared and lunged for the dragon. He met her in mid air colliding with each other. The fought so viciously that the others couldn't tell who was who or who was winning. They met each other blow after blow bite after bite. The black figures parted each equally bloody and wounded. Night and the dragon snarled at each other. "Guys break it up!" Sky and Pearl growled. Sky blocked the dragon and Pearl held Night back. Both black dragons snarled. "Hey I said enough!" Sky roared. The black dragon growled lowly at Sky before taking off into the air disappearing into the night sky. Sky sighed and relaxed herself. "Night what were you thinking?" Pearl asked concerned. Night was surprised with herself too. "I-I don't know." she said. Before they could ask her another question she took off heading back to the den. Pearl, Ginger, and Cinnamon helped Ash back to the den. Sky did a quick patrol to make sure they weren't being followed. 

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