Secrets of Insanity

Jeff the Killer. A murderer who has faced human, demon, and god without a shred of fear. What does someone like that do when he discovers a dark secret that his own insanity won't let him remember? Will he tear away his own insanity to find the answers he seeks or will he cut down anyone who dares to stand in his way?


6. It runs in the family

Jeff froze. What did he just hear? He was the father of this little girl? How? When? Jeff didn't remember even having sex with Jane. He would sooner have stabbed her to death than do something so...careless as that. He growled and stood up. His emotions were in shock. He was in disbelief. He lunged at Jane only to see her disappear once again with Jade.

He turned around only to feel a tiny knife stab him in his back followed by a bigger knife stabbed into his side when he swung around. He growled and said, "Enough games Jane. I'm starting to not enjoy this."

Jeff heard Jade giggle and his eyes dashed to the corner of the room to see the little girl just standing there. Jeff growled and slowly walked up to the little girl while pulling out the tiny knife. He knelt down and looked into Jade's little eyes. He saw it. He then knew that he was Jade's father. Well, the feeling told him so.

Jeff saw it. He saw the thing that linked him to this little girl. He saw that she was also a slave to the feeling that he knew so much. He slowly stood and pulled Jane's knife out of his side. He dropped it to the ground and made his way towards the back door of this mansion.

He heard the little girl call out to him but he simply ignored her. It's not time yet. The feeling didn't want to kill Jade and for some reason it didn't want to kill Jane anymore. Jeff exited the mansion and took off towards the woods once again. He was going to look for something. No. Someone, who could answer his questions.

Jane watched Jeff disappear into the darkness and smiled as she held Jade in her arms. Jade looked to her mother and said, "Mommy, why is daddy running away?"

Jade chuckled a bit and said, "Jeff isn't running away. He's confused and that's just how we want him to be. Now, let's track him down."

Jade nodded with a smile and Jane disappeared once more with her daughter. It was time for Jade to experience the feeling of taking a life. It was time for her to embrace the feeling.


Well, it looks like this is going to be interesting. Oh, and to those of you wondering about the next story I have a little bit of information for you all. I'm going to wait until Monday to start working on it. That way I can give everyone time to cast their vote since I know some people are busy during the week. It also gives me some time to work on what kind of story I will create. Well, I hope you all understand. I hope you all enjoy this story and look forward to many more.

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