hi everybody this is my first book I will publish one chapter at a time so if you want to you can keep the book because I will write a lot of chapters so hope you will enjoy it


7. Labor

Peyton's POV

I am 9 month pregnant and can have the baby anytime now Niall proposed last week and im out shopping with the girls for a wedding dress. while the boys are doing something at home. we were about to buy my dress when I felt something drip down my leg "um girls I think its time" I said holding my stomach

''okay ill call the boys to meet us at the hospital" skylar said while taking out her phone.

at hospital

Peyton's POV

I was in the labor room with Niall and we were ready to have this baby girl yes the gender is a girl "you can do this baby" Niall told me "okay Peyton we need you to push on three 1 2 3 push" said the doctor I pushed a hard as I could "okay good job one more push 1 2 3 push" the doctor said again I pushed harder till I heard crying "good job babe" niall told me the doctors rapped up our baby girl and handed her to me "hi baby girl im your mommy" I said to her when I did she opened her eyes they were bright purple then they changed to dark blue "she has my wolf eyes'' I whispered to niall "aww cute'' he said in reply "okay Peyton whats her name" asked the doctor "umm Alison June Horan" I said "thank you"


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