Through the Darkness

A Highschool faces trouble against a science experiment gone wrong and are left with only few survivors. Their only options is to either hide in the broken down Highschool or to fight. Many questions leave them wondering if there are any other survivors and if they will all just die. Read my new series that is coming up to enjoy and fall out your seat. Who will and who will die?


1. Fun or Nightmare?


In a world of chaos were the last few living human beings... A group of teenagers stayed at a high school that was broken down and abandoned. To survive they hide and thrive to stay away from the infected. A science experiment gone wrong, starting with a child, to the whole human race. A chemical called "Hetzoton," infected them all with the symptoms of insanity, paralyzed action, memory loss, and random happenings with the eyes. There are more, but most uncommon and unidentified. It's up to the last survivors to fix the problem they didn't cause.

                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * *                                                                                    " Tomoyo!" "What?" "Check this out." Laying on the floor was a dead infect. "Take it to the lab," Tomoyo said firmly. Dragging the infect to the lab, Yuro paused. He looked down the dark hallway. The red lighting used to bother him, but now it seemed like the most normal lighting. He then continued to drag the infect to the science lab. Flipping the light switch on, the lab light flickered. "Nngh!" He laid the infect on the table. "Well that's done," he yelled. Yuro then ran downstairs to the library where most of the high schoolers would be. Some sat in the chairs, others staring out the only window in the library. He looked over to the area where he had heard crying. There sat Toama and Tomoyo. Tomoyo rubbed her back as she wept into her sleeve, hugging her knees. *Sniff, sniff..* "He's dead," she said quietly. Recently, her brother had died protecting her from an infect. "He's not dead, he's infected," Tomoyo corrected. "If he's not himself, then the brother I knew is dead," she spat coldly. She then got up and ran out the library and down a dark hallway. *Sigh..* "Toama's not taking it well is she," Yuro said turning his attention back to Tomoyo. "Of course she's not," he said pushing his rectangle glasses up. "You okay with this? I mean, she's one of the strongest fighters we have.." "No, but we shouldn't push it. She needs time to mourn. It would be wrong to force her," Tomoyo said looking over at the other teenagers. "Whatever.. Lets just go examine that infect," Yuro said looking at Tomoyo. "Sure.."

                                                                         * * * * * * * * * * * * *                                                                               The two inspected the infect for a while, while the others sat in the library discussing plans and information dealing with their situation. "Shizu, what do you think of my plan I just devised?" "Hmm.. I think it's pretty good Kimi," Shizu said smiling at her friend. Two other guys looked over at the two girls. "I'm glad Shizu is one of the surviving high schoolers," Tom said. "Eh! I'm mostly happy for Kimi. She has nice tits," Tim said trying not to drool. The two were twins, but Tom had a secret birthmark on his neck nobody knew about, but his brother. They both had blond hair and were the same height. "Don't say that! You're such a pervert.." "What did you say!?" "You're a pervert," Tom yelled getting upset at his brother. Both of them then froze, realizing their mistake. They turned their heads to see the girls staring at them. "Ehehehe..." "That's it I think," Yuro said looking at his clipboard. "We'll look at this more tomorrow. Maybe we can find a cure.." Yuro looked at Tomoyo concerned. "You've been very busy with this stuff Tomoyo. It's kind of sad to see you working hard like this.." "Thank you for noticing Yuro, but I'm fine.. I don't want to be pushed about it though.." Yuro nodded with understanding eyes. He then walked out of the lab and began to wander the school. "......." "Why is he a pervert," Kimi asked innocently. "He said you have nice tits," Tom whispered to her. "Unn! What!? I didn't say that!" "Yea you did liar," Tom said laughing a little. Tim looked over at Kimi who was blushing with a cute scared face. "Eh... Fine. I did say it.... I'm not going to lie.... You do have nice cakes though.." Tim couldn't help, but to smirk and the thought as he looked down. " Shizu.. He's scaring me.." "Stop talking like that Tim," Shizu said coldly with a stern face, yet it still made her look pretty. Especially with her long black hair. Tom looked away nervously. "Tom has the hots for you Shizu," Tim said pointing to his brother like a little kid. "Unn!" She looked over at Tom, who was blushing nervously as he avoided her gaze. "It's not like I care..." Shizu then left the library dragging Kimi along with her. "She's so cold," Tim said glaring. "I like it though," Tom said smiling slightly. Tim looked at his brother and smiled too. "We have totally different tastes man.."

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