It's only hurt!

My face was burning. The voice of the man, who toke me was angry. The word i wanna ask him for was.. ''Do you kill me??''


1. Let me die...

Only people who can, understand me has a heart. My voice is low. I Was hiding my self with my hands. The only thing i saw was blackness. I Hate my life.. I Was thinking loud enough to my mom heard to me. My mom is angry when she heard what i said. My life is a shit life! I Screamed. My dad screamed ''SHUT UP! I CANT HEAR THE RADIO!.'' My mom walked up stairs to dad. They have always talked about me.. Are someone going to take me?? 


 1 Month later.



(School bell.)

My bag is heavy! I Was talking to myself.. Why is school so hard? 

I Hate my life.

Vinja saw me. She laugh at me... Tina looked at me. Tina said something to Vinja about me.

They laughed both.

I Walk through woods. I turn around. I Saw Vinja's pink backpack.. 

I think the girls are stalks me..

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