I'm Not Yours, Peter Pan

Pearl Willows was an ordinary kid/ teenager in Virginia that didn't want to grow up. She loved reading fairy tales ever since she was able to walk. All she ever wished for was to go on adventures like these ones. One day outside her window a stranger yet young boy appeared. His stunning brown hair and his magnificent green eyes. It seemed like he was wearing cloths made out of leafs. His name was Peter, Peter Pan. He was the one that would make her wishes come true. Peter tried turning Pearl into a lost girl but fail. Peter made a deal to her that he would return her home if she did something for him. Peter lied, that's when everything changed. Pearl became angry and ran from Peter, she learned the art of fighting with a fist and a sword. Whenever Peter would bring a girl to the island, Pearl would take her and turn her into one of her own Lost Girls. Pearl wants her revenge of Peter, she won't stop until she gets what she needs...

I don't own OUAT, I own Pearl and The Lost Girls


1. Prologue

"Pearl, you need to go to bed!" My mum called from the kitchen, I could hear her all the way in my room.

"Fine mum!" I yelled back. I was originally on my computer working on an essay about The Cold War for history.

"I already put Jenna and Andrew to bed" Mum informed me. I was the oldest, being fifteen. My siblings Jenna and Andrew are twins, their both twelve. I turned my computer off then went to my bed. My mum entered the room, without knocking!

"Could you please knock before entering?" I asked annoyed.

"Sorry sweetie. I just wanted to check on you before heading to bed myself" Mum explained. She took a seat on the end of my bed. I grabbed a storybook from my bookshelf, I had all the fairy tales in the world. You name it, I have it. It was Peter Pan, one of my favourites one. I sat back on my bed.

"Darling" Mum said disappointed. She snatched the book off me, I was reading the page about Wendy meeting Peter.

"Mum! Why'd you do that!" I yelled at her.

"Because Pearl Willows, your fifteen now. You need stop having your head in these books! Your a lady now! Not a child" Mum answered my question. She already told me this before, since I'm a lady now I need to stop believing in fairy tales. I think she's wrong, just because I'm fifteen doesn't mean I need to stop! Mum puts the book back on the shelf like it was nothing. She grew a sadness look in her eye.

"Mum, you know how much I love fairy tales!" I exclaimed.

"Well why don't you read a different fairy tale if you love them so much?" She asked I handing me Snow White. She kissed me on the head, said goodnight then left. I placed the book on my computer desk then returned to my bed. I just laid there thinking to myself. If I ever had the chance of going to NeverLand, I wouldn't grow up at all. It's as simple as that! If only I could. My eyelids were as heavy as anvils. I could barley keep them open. I left a cold wind come barging into my room, the wind was so strong it opened my window. My window was kinda like a door to my balcony. I lived in an apartment.

"Oh god that's cold" I said to myself covering my arms. The curtains were going insane from the wind. I walked over to the door/window. I was about to close fully when something standing outside my window. It looked like a boy, I couldn't see his face though. He looked to be dressed in ripped green clothing.

"Hello" He said showing himself. He walked away from the brick towards me. I was able to see him in light, he was very handsome. He brown hair and memorising green eyes. I've never seen this boy in my life, he didn't look like he went to my school. I haven't even seen him walking down the street or something. This is the first time I ever saw him.

"W-wh-who are you?" I stuttered on my own words.

"Did I forget to introduce myself?" He asked.

"I'm Peter, Peter Pan" Wait! Peter Pan! As in The Peter Pan! My eyes widen at his name.

"What are you doing here?" I asked shocked.

"To give you what you want Pearl" He said smiling, he took a seat on my bed. I gave him a confused look.

"You don't want to grow up, you wish to go to NeverLand. I am here to make that come true"

"Wait! How do you know my name and know what I want?" I asked a little scared.

"I have my ways" He answered smirking.

"You don't need to fear me, I can give you everything you want. All you have to do is trust me" He said smiling with his hand out. I look at my bedroom door then the other door that was open with the curtains dancing.

"What about Jenna and Andrew?" I asked turning back to Peter.

"Their coming too, all I need is you" he said still smiling. My body was telling me to not go but my heart was telling me to go. This was a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity! There was still something not telling me not to go. I gave in. I gently placed my hand down. He held it tight, but not too tight. He walked me to the balcony where Jenna and Andrew were already there, BUT FLYING. They seemed to have green dust on them, I gasped at the sight.

"Jenna! Andrew! How are you doing that?" I asked scared.

"Pixie Dust" Peter answered my question. He blew some on my face, lucky none got in my eyes.

"Now say 'I believe'" He instructed.

"I believe" I said, he started flying still holding my hand. It turned out I was flying too. I couldn't help but smile to myself. This was amazing! Jenna and Andrew followed behind us. The breeze blew gently into my hair and face, it was a little old but it was pleasant. We finally arrived in NeverLand, it was more beautiful than the books and movies. I couldn't believe I was actually in NeverLand.

"Pearl! We're in NeverLand!" The twins said excited.

"I know! Thank you so much Peter Pan! How could I ever repay you?" I smiled cheeked to cheek. Peter returned the smile.

"I have an idea" He said smirking.

"Let's play a game, a fun one" Peter smirked again.

"COME OUT BOYS!" Peter called. Then boys from left and right came out. They were all wearing hoods and capes. I couldn't see any if they're faces. They started surrounding us, these must be The Lost Boys! I picked up Jenna holding her close, Andrew was holding my hand scared. I looked at Peter, he had an evil smirk on his face.

"This is defiantly not like the book" I told myself worried.

"Let's Play!"

---- ✨ Magical Time Skip ✨ ----

Life has been better then better here in NeverLand! I never grow up, no parents, I kinda can do whatever I want... Let's not talk about that and also I've become a Lost Girl! I've learnt how to sword fight, disappear from one place to another and survival skills! Thanks all to Peter! Just one thing, I'm starting to miss home. I don't know why but I just do. I don't know about Jenna and Andrew but I know I have! I was with Jenna and Andrew, we were talking to ourselves in private.

"Jenna, Andrew, do you ever miss home?" I asked bringing up the subject. They first thought about it for a while.

"Umm, I do miss mum, dad, our friends, being tucked into bed-" Jenna said, she stopped talking when tears started flowing out of her gentle eyes. I held her comforting her.

"I miss home too" Andrew said looking down at the floor. I rubbed his back making him feel better.

"Don't worry kids, we'll go back soon" I said walking back to camp. The Lost Boys were there minding their own business. I didn't seem to find Peter. I let the kids do what they want.

"Felix? Do you know where Peter is?" I asked him. Felix looked around then pointed, Peter was in his tent. I thanked him then walked towards the tent.

"Peter!" I called for him. He poked his head out.

"I need to talk to you, alone" I said looking around. Peter came out.

"Come on" He said. I followed behind him. He lead me to a private part of the woods.

"Alright, what'd you want to talk about?" He asked leaning on a tree. I took a breather before starting my thoughts.

"I've decided to take me and my siblings, home" I said the choice. He started laughing like it was joke. Seconds later he finally got the idea.

"Your serious?" He asked. I nodded my head. He then grew an angry look.

"No one ever leaves NeverLand without my permission" Peter told me.

"Well my siblings want to leave! they miss their home!" I explained more.

"But they can't, their my lost kids now! When your a lost kid, you can't leave NeverLand" Peter said getting more angry.

"And anyways, you need pixie dust to get out of here!" Peter explained how it worked. Coincidentally, Peter always had a bag of Pixie Dust around his neck.

"Thanks" I said snatching the bag off his neck then disappeared into thin air. I reappeared back behind the camp.

"Jenna! Andrew!" I called. They heard my voice and ran to me. I sprinkled the dust on the two.

"Now, if mum and dad ask about me, just say you don't know" I instructed.

"Will you be coming back?" Andrew asked worried.

"Of course! You just have to wait for a while" I said. The two little ones gave me a final hug before leaving. They flew off together leaving me. I walked towards to the beach looking out. I the felt a figure behind me.

"You shouldn't have done that! Now I've lost two Lost kids today" 'The King of NeverLand' said disappointed. I turned around to meet the man himself.

"Their my brother and sister, you know the saying, If you love them you let them go. I love them with all my heart so I had to let them go" I said smirking. Peter grew an angry face.

"Your here in NeverLand because you wanted to leave your home, now you want to be back?" Peter said crossing his arms.

"Yes, it's true" I confessed.

"Do you know what? I'll make you a deal!" Peter started off. Whenever he makes a deal with me, it turns out bad.

"I'm Listening"

"You do something important for me, I'll let you leave" Peter offered. I thought about it for a while, what important thing does he want me to do?

"Fine" Peter grabbed my hand, we both vanished at the same time then appeared in Skull Road. We were standing on a little rock island, it was surround by the beautiful different shades of colours of blue, green and purple in the water. The light in the cave was breathe taking, it looked like it was from dream.

"I'm over here!" Peter yelled annoyed. I noticed him and ran to him. He was standing next to a beautiful clear crystal. It was stuck in the rocky wall. Peter just stared at it, he had a blade in his hand.

"What are we doing?" I asked confused.

"You have a pure heart Pearl, you've done no wrong, no evil. You even did good before we came here. You let your siblings go before you" Peter said not making any contact. He was looking at the blade he had. He looked at me then my hand then back at me.

"Annnd, why are we here?" I asked still confused.

"I need your blood" He said cold hearted. He violently grabbed my wristed and made a cut on my palm. I let out a scream of pain. He raised my palm and squeezed it, it was more pain the going through a break up. The blood dripped onto the crystal turning it a blood red. I yanked my wrist out of his grasp. I held my thumb over the cut.

"Okay, I did something important... for you! I can... leave now!" I said trying not to scream in pain.

"Not you can't"

"What?" I asked confused.

"I made a deal with you! I did something important for you and you said you'd let me leave" I explained the offer shocked.

"We have to wait for the crystal to become clear again" Peter explained looking at it. He's such a liar!

"YOU LIED TO ME! YOU USED ME!" I yelled at him.

"Until that crystal clears up, don't talk to me" I spat then vanished. I appeared back in the middle of the forest.

"PEARL! PEARL!" a little voice said. It wasn't Peter, this voice was different. Out from the bushes was my little sister Jenna running to me. My eyes grew bigger at the sight. She's suppose to be back home! Why is she here?

"Jenna? What are you doing here?" I asked kneeling down to her level. Her eyes were blood shot red, she must have been crying but why?

"We were in the air but then got teleported back to Peter's Camp and Andrew... Andrew!" Jenna said with tears in her eyes. What happened to Andrew?! I ran back to the camp finding Andrew talking to Felix.

"Andrew!" I called. I ran to him and hugged him, I though something bad happened to him.

"Who are you?" Andrew asked confused. I let go of him confused, why would he ask such a thing?

"Andrew! It's me, your sister Pearl! And your twin Jenna is over there!" I answered his question. He tilted his head in confusion.

"I don't have a twin or a sister!" Andrew replied. I knew who would do this. Anger started bubbling in my veins. He first lies to me, then uses me and now he erased my brothers memory! I could tell Peter was standing behind me.

"YOU ERASED MY BROTHERS MEMORY!?" I completely yelled at him. I didn't care if I would be in a cage after this.

"He's a Lost Boy! He needs to forget if he's with me!" Peter explained.

"I don't CARE! You first lie to me, then you use me and now you make Andrew forget about JENNA AND ME!" I said then grabbed Jenna's hand.

"Don't even bother thinking about seeing me again!" I hissed then disappeared. I reappeared with my sister. We were in a part where Pan has never been before.

"What do we do now?" Jenna asked looking at me. I kneeled down to her level.

"We, make our own camp, learn how to fight, survive, become our own Lost Girls... and get revenge on what Pan has done to us" I explained. Jenna raised her hand like she was ready to arm wrestle.

"To the end?" She asked. I grabbed her hand.

"To the end" I shake her hand.

Pan... You wish you never brought me to NeverLand...

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