Cameron Dallas' true love

When a blondie with deep blue eyes goes to Macgon with a group of friends but Cameron Dallas spots her in the crowd of people and tries to win her heart can he do it read on to find out


1. Getting to know me

Hi my name is Ashlynn Spidle I'm 19 I'm Blonde and have really pretty blue eyes at least that's what everyone else says. I am going to Magcon with a group of friends hereally is a few of their names Taya Kearson Kayla and Liberty. I love Cameron Dallas Taya loves Jack Gilinsky Kearson loves Nash Gruer Kayla loves Aaron Carpenter and Liberty is 100% obsessed with Taylor Caniff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so this is just so you know some stuff about very one but umm yeah I hope everyone will like this story ~Ashlynn
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