The Misadventures of Rose Valentine and Justin Bieber

Rose Valentine is no ordinary girl from Orlando, Florida. She happens to magical fairy powers and International popstar, Justin Bieber fell for her when she was 15 and he was 18 at the time. They love each other to pieces and even though she keeps Justin out of trouble she, too, herself, gets into mischief. Enjoy these oneshots that I spin up. Read, comment and favorite. <3 Lydsa


1. Memories together

Justin was with Rose looking at photos of them remembering the good times they had together. "Justin do you remember our first 'double birthday'?" She said showing a picture of them in Orlando, Florida. Rose was wearing a pink dress with a sliver tiara holding her magic wand and Justin by her side. He remembered that moment


It was March 1st 2012, Rose discovered that she got magic powers after wishing on a star. She told her sister Lily and her baby brother Jeff to keep it secret between them. Rose's sweet 15 was drawing near when she realized that she can't keep her new powers a secret anymore since she was taught to be honest and open with everyone and not keep secrets. When she met Justin, his entire world turn upside down when he met her. She knew that they both share a birthday and she convinced him to come with her to Florida to celebrate with her. That's when their romance blossomed. They met each other in secret until the moment everyone found out about their tight bond.

End of Flashback...

"That was the day you turned my world upside down. If we never met, I would've wound up in jail." Rose felt tears welling up in her eyes. "Too soon?" She cried into his chest. Justin comforted her seeing that she remembered that day too well. She was in Miami, Florida with her best friend, Ruby McIntyre with her step-mom Isabel and her step-brother Austin hanging out together when she heard police sirens she ran to the scene to see two Lamborghinis and Justin was in the yellow one and police officers arrested him for illegally drag racing under the influence. Devastated, Rose flew to the police station and found Justin in the jail cell. she was crying hard seeing that Justin, her one true love is behind bars. She reached her hand in one of the bars of the cell and both their fingers interlocked as Rose cried as she constantly apologized for not looking out for him and for being a "terrible" girlfriend towards him. Justin told her it wasn't her fault and that she isn't a terrible girlfriend and that it was his fault for being a bad boyfriend towards her. When the day of the hearing came, Rose didn't show up and instead remained at the beach. Justin comforted Rose. "I'm sorry I brought that up. I didn't know that you never got over what happened. Forgive me?" He said gently kissing her forehead. She wiped away a few tears and nodded. He knew how to cheer her up. He flipped through the album to show her the photos of them celebrating Valentine's day together. The very first time the celebrated together, he placed a blindfold on her and led her to a room at his house. It was his room with some red rose petals scattered on the floor and George Michael's song Careless Whisperer played. "It was a pretty awkward Valentine's day." Rose said blushing. "Don't blame yourself Rose. You were only 15 and didn't expect that to happen." Rose found another picture of them having a little picnic when she was 16 and he was 19. "Rose look! This the first time I introduced you to my mom. She liked you when she found out when we were together." Rose saw the picture. "Look! There's the time I taught you how to fly for your Believe Tour." Rose saw so many precious memories being made together.

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