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1. Introduction

Katie Dusang- Age 19, Main Female character, Top agent of C.I.S.

Evelyn Gamber- Age 19, Katie and Beau's Best Friend, second best agent of C.I.S.

Beau Dusang- Age 21, Katie's Brother, Pandora's boyfriend, third top agent of C.I.S.

Ivy Cox- Age 20, Top Tech agent, Katie's other Best Friend.

Pandora Moon- Age 20, Katie's friend, Beau's Girlfriend, Lab agent of C.I.S.

Joyce Conrad- Age 18, Rookie agent, somewhat friend of other agents, week in.

K- The C.I.S Dog

Ashton Irwin- Age 20,  Main Male character, Band 5SOS

Calum Hood- Age 19, Ashton Friend, Band 5SOS.

Michael Clifford- Age 19, Ashton Friend, Band 5SOS.

Luke Hemmings- Age 18, Ashton Friend, Band 5SOS

Brett Washington- Age 21, Leader of " The Pack."

Frank Stein- Age 20, Smooth talker, Part of " The Pack."

Snake- Age 19,

Raphael Moon- Age 19, Part of " The Pack." Pandora's cousin.

Babe Washington- Age 26, Ex. member of, "The Pack." New agent of C.I.S., three  months in. Brother of Brett.

Berytt Hoodlum- FBI Leader, Age 34.

Reed Light- Age 27, Brains of FBI.

Grace Frooties- Age 32, Analyser.

Beardo- Age 28, Tour Bus Driver.

Grace- Gas station worker.

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