Love you like at first

Okay so I am nervous and I don't know how to say this but I am pregnat


1. where it all started

I pulled my stuff out of my locker finally the end of the day I wisperd to myself I walked to the door pulled out my phone texted my boyfriend Allen "can't wait to hang out with you" then when I got home I quickly put together a conglomeration of things I needed for the night in my purse and then texted my friend Madison what I was about to do she Dident believe it. When I got to allens house he opend the door and said grace you look beautiful I Dident do any thing exstrodenary we went up to his room and orderd pizza 20 mins later it came we ate it waching lots of YouTube then when we were done Allen started kissing me and litterly dragging me upstairs okay okay I am coming I said when we got to his room he pinned me down on his bed and started playing with my hair I stuck my hand down his pants and started unbuttoning his blue jeans he was unhooking my bra then he started kissing my neck I was moaning loudly he was making his way Down kissing every inch then when he got to my pussy he started licking it rapidly when his tounge got inside me he liked rapidly then when he was done he was on top of me again thrusting in and out his hips against mine lips against mine our body's against each other's it felt like a dream but it was real I was moaning his name loud I sounder like a howler cats mating call I thought in my head I was never gonna regret this...

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