Got me thinking


1. Got me thinking

As I was writing one of my other stories, I came upon a sentence where I had to write "a/an year", and I stopped when I had to write that, I got in doubt, because the English gramma tells us to pun a in front of consultants and an in front of vocals, so therefor the correct way to write it must be "an year". After I made my conclusion, I decided to look it up online, there I found discussion about whenever an year or a year is correct.

And it got me thinking.

There will always be a " correct " way to do a thing, a way that some people decided was the correct way, wrote it in a book and now suddenly that's the correct way. But then what about that rule turns out to be wrong or just doesn't fit into the thing, then what is correct?

Can we make rules for all and everything, and aren't rule made to be broken? What the point?

I believe that you can and should make rules on somethings for example human rights, those should be rules, but again are they really rules? No, it's just goals for how we wish everyone lives.

When it comes to gramma, there is rules, but there is always some sticking out and doing differently than all the others in that box. And that's okay.

I don't really know, what the point was when I stared writing this. And I defiantly also went a bit off my first thoughts but no matter what I was thinking writing this, I wanna end it with an advice or with something I hope that everyone will remember.

When it comes to a personal level, there is no body rules or anything, you do you and I do me, and that's the correct way.


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