A Scandal In Movellia

Someone, somewhere, is murdering Movellians, picking them off one by one, wiping out the population of the site. Now, a bunch of aspiring authors, bogged down by homework, might sound like an easy target, but a bunch of aspiring authors would give anything to be part of a good story...


1. People Signed On

Please note: People who have come across this Movella after the cast has been announced can still join. Characters will turn up all through the story and extras will be needed.

EDIT: All characters entered after this post will be extras only.


Dimsedumnut as Luna Carlita*

DrummerGirl xxx as Maia Lockheart*

Ariaboo314 as Alina Jameson

Kia Heartnet as Venice Uhura

Le Fox as Emma Lynns*

Capt. Alora Wiley as Alora Wiley*

Mirlotta as Myrah Octavia*

Rose as Rose Abner

Ms. Holly as Holly Celestia

~Invisible~ as Zella Jones

Skye S as Community Manager Skye*

Hermione10 as Ayla Brooklyn

Lone Soldier as Sniper Charles II

Fictionbefourblood as Nadia Hayes

Infinite_Exho as Jade Aldaine*

Beautifully Saiyan Panda as Manda Panda*

DragonSoulJess as Jess Drishy

The Demon King as Raymond Lucife

Casey Cat as Casey Way

Evan R.J as Evan Jay*

Lavern2002 as Lavern DiAblo*

Lia is a panda as Lia*

H.S.B as Hannah Burns*

Anastacia as Anastacia de La Fontaine*

FANGIRL!!! as Leesa Sedlak*

Narcy as The Spy (Akram Montenegro)*

May Hayashi/Parsavagely Hayashi as Morbar Hayashi

Cāngkù Shísān as Samuel Damarcus*

CarolClifford as Carol Briseno*    


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