my love

shes so pretty and shes my best friend hayley kiyoko i love her she will be mine


1. my best friend

"hayley." i whisper "what" me and her have been best friends 4-ever and we have never really been atracted to guys i know im a lesbian but i dont know about her. shes never had a boy friend,im in love with her."wanna stay over tonight?" i ask looking over at her "duh,of course i would" she says smiling.a few hours later were at my house in my room dancing to techno music, then we here the door slam shut and my mom and dad yelling. i look over at her "sorry" i mouth i reach for the door but she grabs my arm making me fall bringing her with me she falls on top of me her face inches from mine. she smashes her lips to mine suprising me, i kiss her back. her hands are pulling off my shirt then i take off on top of her now my fingers tracing patterns on her belly, getting to her shorts and pulling them down with my teeth she kicks them off and kisses down to my shorts and pulling them hour later were laying on my bed in our bra and pannies.she rolls over and puts her leg on top of me and her hand on my stomach.she gets on top of me and presses her lips to mine,i put my hands on either side of her face "i love you i always have" she mummers into my lips "i love you too" i say "i know" she says "kiss me" she whispers. i do hard and deep and full of love . my parents are fighting again we put t-shirts on and go out there holding hands "your such a bit-" my dad yells but sees us come out "girls,sorry for waking you" mom says 'we've been up" i say pulling hayley closer to me "why are yall holding hands?did we scare that much" i look at her and smile "no,were together" i say kissing her."what!yall are together?like kissing together?" mom asked suprised we both sigh "yes mrs.cap together" hayley says "molly,oh im so happy for you for both of yall" dad says "thanks dad thanks dad" i say and go off to bed with hayley

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