1. A little long introduction

I'm Esther Esther Cole . My parents died when I was a few months old. The workers here are usually surprised by my lack of emotion but how can you miss someone you barely knew?

I never get any rest in this madhouse. I would call it home but home is where the heart is right? No hearts here just blocks of ice.

Plus I would never want to accept that I was living in an asylum. I have visions you see, of the immediate future. It's funny at times seeing people's normal lives but it's also disturbing. I don't get out much so I can't sleep,

That's when the visions take over. It's a bit stereotypical how the scary ones come at night.

For those of you who think I'm stupid for not getting out whenever I saw the gates being unguarded I've tried. Trust me. The others locked up start begging me to take them with me. My friend Christina was released when her family came to get her. She had the visions too , hers were more long term than mine.

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