Diary of Joanna Jo

This is an entry to the competition "Dear Diary..."


1. January 29, 2016

Today my plans include drawing, reading, and listening to music. Now when I say listening to music I really mean rocking out to music such as dancing crazily and sing along with it. As stupid as that may sound, I truly enjoy that. I also plan on finishing homework today, before procrastination kicks in and I don't finish it until Sunday night. :)

 What I plan on drawing, I have no clue, whatever comes to mind. I never really plan what I draw, unless I had thought of the idea and it was just floating around in my head.

This is probably what most of my diary entries will be like unless something interesting happens.

Such as when in P.E. a few weeks ago, while we were having volleyball matches, the players on my team and the opposing team were absolutely hilarious. Of course no one took the game seriously, but that is how I personally like playing sports. Just enjoying who is there and messing around, as we aren't professionals, we don't need to follow all the rules perfectly.

Or the snarky comments thrown around my science class. Goodness, how we get things done in that class, I don't know! Anything you say can become a great long conversation, and as distracting as it is sometimes, I can't say I absolutely hate it. It is usually rather playful and funny! Practically everyone is involved sometimes.

I have never been able to keep a diary... maybe this is where that changes. :)


- Joanna Jo

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