Adventure until death

Is a story about a guy who goes out on an adventure and never comes back! :3


1. Too many monsters

Hi! My name is Josh, and everything has started when I was 20 years old!

I went to try and find pictures of natural stuff but then I saw a really big monster it was like it was a giant...I..I thought it wasen't real but it was!! I WAS SOO SCARED!! But I got away from it and after 1 month it all started again!!

Monday, 19, January 2001


Diary! It happened again I mean its getting usual for me but my friend got eaten by a giant!! NOW IM SCRAED BUT I HAVE TO BE A MAN AND I WILL HAVE TO FIGHT!!! Today I didn't see soo many monsters I mean I just saw like 25 but still we are making progress!! Once they will die (all of them) and everything will come back to normal I HOPE!! I don't know what to do anymore we have no more elecrticity and that means no more INTERNET SO... ye now im really bored that is why I write every thing that happened in here BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO!!!!!!




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