New movella

Just working on it at the moment so there might not be full chapters. I am referring to the book though so it is as true as I can make it


1. Chapter 1

She was the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. Long red hair. Bright green eyes. If only Snivellus wasn't trying to win her over. I loved Lily Potter more than anything in the entire world. I knew she hated me though. She hates me hexing Snape, even though he clearly deserves it.


It was just after our Defence Against The Darks Arts O.W.L. Snape was just over there. This was my chance to try out this spell I saw written in his potions book. I knew it must've been bad, since he needed to write it down. Anyway, he was just there. I put my Snitch I took from Madam Hoot's office into the pocket of my robes. I walked up to Snape. Padfoot was just behind me. He was just testing Mooney for Transfigiration. He looked really bored. Reamus wasn't very good in Transfiguration. I turned around. "This'll liven you up Padfoot," I whispered. "Look who it is..." Sirius's head turned. He became very still, like a dog that had scented a rabbit. "Excellent," he said softly. "Snivellus."

Snape was on his feet, putting his O.W.L papers in his bag

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