When you're on the floor and sad you feel nice for a second well youll feel the same on this story.


1. Floor.

Symmetry,similarity or exact correspondence between different things, it seems very profound and if thought hardly enough saddens as it grows into your mind . It can be associated with many situations in life the time you loved an individual more than yourself and soon they begin to change, something you cannot comply with due to the change being so rapid and mysterious simply put , out of the blue. As hard as you wanted to be symmetric with the individual it seems close but in reality to far to reach out and grab. Thus the memories start to pour out on the floor like a thick dark liquid when cleaned up leaves a irremovable stain. Our memories were a twist of emotions bundled into a single word, forever we came back to the floor may it be the dance floor , your apartment floor , or the tower's floor. We always came back to a floor this time I was a fool standing in the middle of a perfectly symmetrical floor and it came to me a memory of how we could never be symmetrical . You were hellbent for that love until someone finally showed you symmetrical love , two different people being exactly alike you loved that more than an imperfect love I gave you . Still on the floor I sit but on a different floor on a crystal floor for nor do I know if it was blessing or a punishment that they stripped you away from me.    

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