Shoey Fanfic


1. Room Mates

Shane's POV:

Lisa: SHANE!! Lisa screamed

Shane: yes Lisa??

Lisa: I think we should take a break.

Shane: oh ok

Lisa: That means I will keep the house and corny you keep all of your things and leave please.

Shane: Why are you breaking up with me exactly??

Lisa: I'm not happy Shane we always fight almost every day we try acting happy but in the inside we are not, anyways i'm dumping you so you can get your stuff by tonight thanks.

Shane: ok im gonna call Joey so he can help out packing and stuff

Lisa: Ok i'm going shopping and stay out of trouble!

Lisa left and i was alone i called joey and he said he would be right over which he only lives a bit away i wonder where i will live and if i should see if lisa is really going shopping.

*Knock knock*

Joey's POV:

Shane called me over to help him pack but i think I should tell him i like him. what if he doesn't like me i haven't even came out yet what do i do!

Shane: JOEY!!!

Joey: oh sorry I was just thinking

Shane: Well you where thinking out loud  and i didn't know you where gay!! i kinda knew because the fist time i made a video with you, you had the creppiest green eyes ever. 

Joey: OMG you heard all of that i'm so embasset you must hate me know should i leave??

Shane: nah you still have to help me pack and i'm straight i think idk anymore oh well

Shanes POV:

I think im gay OMG AM I GAY!! idk but i think i might be ugg and joey is right there i looked at his lips i just couldn't resist

I kisses him he kisses back what does this mean this could end our friendship!

Joey: Shane?

Shane: Yes joey?

Joey: what sould we do about "this"?

Shane: we could go out see how it is but dont come out yet im not ready

Joey: ok shaney!

Shane: Lets just pack...

*1 hour later*

We Finished packing and i was SO tiredi dont know what to do about Shoey should it be real?

Joey: Shane do you wanna umm.. go on that date tonight?

Shane: Of course but i have to move out by tonight where will i stay?

Joey: You can stay with me if you want It would be so cool be can be roommates!!

I really hopes he says yes then we can be together forever!!

Shane: Ok I guess so

Shanes POV

Joey asked me out i guess he is takeing charge but i do like girls but i guess i also like guys more am i bi? I should come out bi first then gay later! Perfect well i mean if i am gay...

Joey: SHANE!!

Shane: AHHH

I fell on the floor

Joey: Oh sorry i didnt mean to make you fall down

Shane: Its ok Lets put these boxes in the car then drive to your place?

Joey: OK!

Wow he got excited fast

We got to my Joey's  House and we dropped off my stuff Joey helped me pack then when we finished we hopped in the car and drove to the restraunt


Authors Note:

Hey guys and maybe my friends!! I Ship Shoey Shane+Joey for u noobs XD

Anyway I am making this just because i have read alot and wanted to make one!

Plz Vote And Read ik u might not but what ever!! I will Update soon!!

Sorry for some spelling im not THAT good :P

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