Never expected you

Lila and her obsessed sister Hailey are going to see one direction. When Hailey gets moved front row with Lila who hates the boyband, the unexpected happens and changes her life all in a matter of hours. Sometimes the unexpected turns out to be just somewhat better than expected.


1. how it all started

My little sister Hailey was turning 17 in a week. Instead of wishing for a new car or laptop for her birthday she wanted to see one direction in concert. After months of begging she finally got her wish.

" One direction tickets for my baby. Happy birthday hailey! We hope you love them" , said my dad while handing her the tickets.

I have never seen someone scream and fangirl as much as her. She has been a crazy fan since they first came out with their single " What makes you beautiful". Hailey even got my cousin, Ava, super obsessed like they think they could marry them. I on the other hand used to like them and they got crazy with their fans and turned into every other over rated singer and band. Not to mention my sisters obsession literally drove me to hate them.

"Dad, you just got her tickets for a dumb boy band so have fun seeing them and listening to a bunch of 14 year old girls scream for 3 hours."

My dad of course just laughed and gave me a stupid grin.

"What? Oh no no no I am not going to this concert."

" you are actually Lila because someone has to watch your sister while we are out of town for the weekend."

"DAD! I Hate this band it's a bunch of boys singing about nothing but crushes and first kisses, " so I am not going.

I could argue all I wanted but I knew I was stuck going whether I liked it or not.

"I am never doing anything for you again hails like ever."

"Do you hear me?"I shouted.

"Lila, it's on dad and mom not me so don't be stuck up to me about it. Plus I have to meet my boyfriends one day or another.

Minutes later hailey walked out of her room wearing her black t shirt with the one direction faces plastered on her chest.

" I swear you're so obsessed. I hope you see them and embarrass yourself", I muttered to myself before calling it a night.

The next morning I headed to my 9:30 class at California State University. I was majoring in nursing and had clinicals for the next 3 hours. Thank goodness my best friend Natalie was there with coffee for us to survive the next few hours.

I opened the front door at 1pm to hear one direction blaring from Hailey's room. I rolled my eyes and ran up the stairs.

" can you please not play your music for the whole neighborhood to hear please?"

" Better start getting ready sis, because in one week you will have the greatest day of your life."

Little did I know that in one weeks time I was about to have a big change in my life and it wasn't for the better.

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