Built Up

Ella Fitzgerald is your normal teen ager. Nothing out of the normal till she found streamers on her locker. Then it hit her, she forgot her own birthday. That meant her friends would take her out for food. One day later, some new hot kid at her school asks her out. How will she respond? Will she forget about her friend?


1. My Birthday....

I knew today was weird because my brothers gave me hugs. They never give me hugs. And mom made me cupcakes. As soon as I find my locker with Purple and Teal streamers I text Max.

Me: MAX! I knew you and Sarah had to be doing something because Jaden drove you!

Max: You Goose Berry. Do you know why I did that? BTW are you talking about your bass case?


Max: Oops!

Max added Sarah to the chat.

Sarah: What?

Max: She found out about Bubbles and she is at her locker....

Sarah: MAX! YOU PEGION DAIRY! Why'd you tell her?!

Me: Uhh guys just tell me why you did this?

Max: Did you seriously forget?

Me: Forget What?

Sarah: Wow, Ella. Your bestfriends remembered your birthday when you forgot it your self. Wow.

Me: It's my birthday? CRAP! SARAH! Could you get my outfit that I left at your house so I can change into it?

Sarah: Of course.

Max: You Goose Berry.

Me: Get Shrected

Max: Its Shwreched.

Me: Nah, its Shrechted.

I put my phone away and ​exsacly three minutes and 47.8 seconds later Sarah hands me my clothes and walks with me to my locker. When I get out, i'm lucky it's summer or I would be stuck in my Glitter Force t-shirt and running shorts. I'm wearing my favorite Panic! At The Disco crop top, shorts, and my galexy chuck taylor's. "Thanks Sarah." I say when she hands me my sock bun. "Your welcome Birthday Girl." She says hugging me. "Never Call me that again" I say putting my shirt in my backpack and she makes my bun. When we walk out of the bathroom I see Max's blonde hair, Dr.Who shirt, sneakers and basketball shorts right by my locker. The halls are very crowded. I finnally get to my locker when I see Max holding a small little gift box. "Oh what is it?!" I say claping my hands together. "Open it." He says handing me it. I open it to see a small bracelet with a kitten charm, a bird charm, and a music note charm on it. "Wow, thank you Max!" I say. "I even got myself a matching one. Its on my key chain." He says pulling out his key chain. He has a kitten, bird, and a music note on it. "Thank you." I say again. "Your welcome." He says as I open my locker to find a tiny red box in it. "Wow, another gift Max?" I ask him grabing my stuff.

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