Midnight - A Collection of Poems

This book is a collection of poems.


1. 0000

To the wind that blows the snow down my street and through the tree branches that hit my window.

To the night light that has been plugged into my wall for eleven years.

To the lava lamp that sits on my nightstand and keeps me entertained for the hours I lay awake at night, begging myself to fall asleep.

To my mom, who checks on me every few hours if she wakes and has the feeling that something isn’t right, and who knows that I’m still up even though I pretend to be asleep.

To my neighbors, who play soft music instead of loud music during their bonfires in the summer  evenings and, when it isn’t snowing, the winter.

To my cat, who claws at my door every night and purs while he sits and waits for me to let him in.

To the thoughts that don’t ever leave me alone and make me want to scream.

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