1D Forever

Becky Ambrose was an Ultimate One Direction fan. But she didn't know that she was related to one of the members of the band. She knew she wasn't wanted at home. So, She set off for an adventure. She went to many 1D concerts. But later finds out Harry might actually be her brother and that she was adopted. Find out in this quick short story.


1. Adopted 1D life

        "Come on, Alex! I don't have all day!" Becky Fernandez Toledo said. Becky loved One Direction, and her friend Alex Combs did too. "I am coming. Geez." Alex said. They later left for a One Direction concert in Miami. After the show, Alex had to go to the snack bar. As Becky was waiting, Harry ran into her. "Sorry." Harry stopped and looked at her and smiled. "It's okay. Oh My Gosh!" Becky broke down in tears. "Hey, Are you okay?" Harry asked. "Yes. Sorry. I am a huge fan. But why do I look just like you? Wow." Becky said. "What's your name?" Harry asked. "Becky Fernandez." Becky said. A few days later, Becky was with her grandfather, Mike Gerber.  "Grandpa? I have a question." Becky said. "What? That your adopted. I am not your real grandpa. Your brother is Harry. Oh, Yeah. Harry is here. Also, a guy is here to take your and Harry's DNA test. I think he is your brother." Mike said. After the DNA results came back, Becky found out that Harry from One Direction is actually her brother. She moved in with her Real mom. Harry's mom. She was finally reunited with her Real family. She was now in England. She Went to her new bedroom in her mother's house. She got a call from Alex. "Hi. I am sorry. I didn't tell you. Harry is my brother. I am living with him in England. I am so sorry. Please don't be mad at me. I seriously did not know Harry was my brother!" Becky told Alex. Alex understood. "Yeah. Well I probably won't see you again. Which sucks by the way." Alex said.      "Yeah. I will miss you. Tell Grandpa Mike, I said hi." Becky said. Becky's last name was now Styles. Becky Had to start a new life in England. The End.

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