Physics Poems


1. Uranium Cycle


I was a lump of rough, unprepared ore,

When my potential, the stored energy you saw, 

Ready for a long, hard grind, I've been milled,

And come out the process more knowledgeable and skilled,

Your remarks can burn but acid 's needed for leaching,

Soon I was yellow cake thanks to your teaching,

With never a crisis you couldn't fix, 

I soon emerged as UF6,

Your stories and jokes served to enrich, 

The process went through without a hitch,

But now I'm ready to split in two,

For all our days our almost through,

Made a chart to count down in a regular way,

But our hours go as randomly as a nuclear decay,

You pretend to think I'm highly unstable,

Though I know you like the eccentric yet able!

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