Drop your mask - Larry Stylinson

Louis tomlinson, the shy boy from doncaster decides to move in with his best friend Niall Horan, who is 100% gay. When they applicate on a Drama camp and gets in, they are deferred, that they would get the best summer ever. But what happens when they meet the hottest guy on camp? Will he could turn Louis gay, or will Louis keep denying that he maybe could be into boys?


1. Prolouge

”LOUIIIIIIS” I hear a to recognizable voice yelling from down stairs. 


Niall.. Who else has the balls to wake me up this early in the fucking morning. It’s freaking sunday. I groan to myself, when i get up, stretching myself, while a gap leaves my mouth. Oh god is probably isn't more than 8. Fuck Niall for being an A person.


You see Niall is one of my best friends, actually he is my only best friend I moved from Doncaster for about a year ago, and we were always left alone, but that is how we like it.


I met Niall on the internet, Is a really interesting story actually. Niall liked my picture on TmBlur, and after a couple minutes he send me a message, saying I looked cute. I told him to fuck of, and that i weren't in to boys, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. 


Im not lying if I tell you he send me 5 message at day, but eventually I just answered kindly and we began to talk everyday. I think Niall is still embracing sometimes when I tease him about crushing on me. He even denied it a few times, but he knows that I still have the messages, so he just go when I start mention it.


Anyway, Niall was so sweet and offered me to live with him. And trust my if I had had another choice I would have taken it. But I cant afford an apartment on my own, I need a room mate to split up the bill. So here I am living with my lovely friend who loves to wake me up in the middle of the night.. sometimes just to tell me that he scored a goal in Fifa..


”LOUIS!” he calls again, this time from just outside my door.


”God damn it Niall, I am up..” I yell back, just when he smash the door open.




Okay he was genuinely giving me a serious headache right now.


”Dude slow down… what are you saying, you got in?” I looked confused, what had he expect me to do it was 9 o’clock on a sunday morning.. I couldn't think optimally this early.


”No you idiot WE got in” he smiles a bright smile and hold up the two letters. *Congrats your selected to become one of the students on our drama camp’ 


”Wow really” i give him a equally bright smile and took the letters out of his hand, to get a fully look at it. ”That is fucking amazing” i said, but then it hit me. Why is my letter opened.


”Niall, did you just opened my post?” I give him the look


He turn around just after a little maybe escapes his mouth, at same times his eyes was wandering disappointing around the room.


”You cant just open someone else post Niall”


He roll his eyes when he turns around again. ”It doesn’t matter who opened the letter Louis, we are in! We are going to Drama camp in less than a week, why aren't you freaking out?” he said hopping up and down while clapping his hands together.


I laughed. maybe I was a little exited.. Okay I was i little bit more than a little exited, I couldn't wait to go to that camp. It was seriously known as the best school in the country. Some of the greatest artist has spent their summer when they were younger on that camp, and now it was my turn to finally experience it.


Niall and I applied 3 mouth ago and we spend the whole summer scheduling down to the smallest detail, even though we didn't know if we would get in. And now we were


”I would be if you hadn't woken me up at 9 in the morning” 


I was getting up from my tiny but a lot comfortable bed.


”Whatever Im going to take a shower, and then we are going shopping! Because we need a lot of new clothes! You know why? Because that school is known as the school with the hottest guys on earth. And im going to blew them away with hotness, and my beautiful ass, so excuse me” He looks at me with a decent look when he turns around to go to the bathroom.


”You are such a gay” I say with a smile on my face. Thats why I love him.


He just blow me a kiss, before he disappears out of the bedroom


As long as i had known Niall, he had always been gay, and not just gay he is super gay. Maybe sometimes to much, but that just the way he is, and I love him for it. He had always been there for me, and will always stand up for me, like i did when he was being bullied in school for being gay, or that time when his father kicked him out for being homoseksuel. Niall was broken for weeks and he probably still fells broken sometimes.


You see his father didn't take it so well, he was calling his own sun disgusting and abnormal. He even take it that long and hit him, when he refused to leave.


That why it was so important for Niall to get in to that school, It was his biggest dream to become and artist so he deserves it.


And i am so happy that i am going to experience that with him.


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