the girl who cried for help

This is a story about a girl who suffered so much in life and wanted to give up so bad . She cut her arms mostly all the time when she got home. Her life was a living hell she thought ; She always carried a fake smile for her family which burned her hardly and painfully . That girl ....Was me .


1. How it all started (fourth grade)

"Whoa..who is that? " A girl behind me whispered  to her friend while she looked at me with a disgust look on her face "I don't know but she has weird eyes " Her friend replied laughing . Were they talking about me ? Should I ask ? "Uh..Hi " I said nervously turning my seat around . They jumped staring at my hair and then my school dress , Her friend looked Down at my hands "Do you have Bigfoot part of your family? Your arms are hairy as hell! " She shouted . Everyone took a look at our table then began chuckling while coloring their math work numbers . "No...It's just my mom- " "your mom had sex with Bigfoot and then he abandoned you ? " That's when everyone began to Laugh loudly at her joke , My feelings were starting to hurt why is she being so mean to me ? Did I say anything to her before that she didn't like ? . "Can you turn around please ! My eyes are getting hypnotized by your face !" I began  sob in front of them which made it worse for myself since she made more jokes "awe , you gonna cry now ? Awe poor baby " . I turned my seat around quickly hiding my face in my hands " you need to go Ms. Henzers class ? " I shook my head at the teacher and whispered in her ear "I want to call my brother " she took a look a sad look at me standing back up to walk to the class phone . She dialed my brothers number and called me to her . "Awe look at baby Lacey calling her mommy to come and save her ! What a wimp! Who can't handle her own problems " "Deila ! Enough ! " The teacher shouted back and everyone turned silent and my brother answered . I walked out to talk privately . 

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