First Year At The X Mansion

A Boy Named Brian is about to get his life changed when his girlfriend goes missing. What will happen to Brian after that? Read To Find Out. (UNDER EDITING)


1. First Day

Hi, I'm Brian. I am 15 years old and about to be 16 and have telekinetic powers. I have blond hair and blue eyes. Tomorrow, I will have school with my friends after so long.So much has happened and I am ready to show off a bit with my gift.

My friend Serina can create and control fire. Last time I saw her it was winter and we had a camp fire. I would put the wood in the fire pit and she would light the fire. It was the Fourth of July.


”It’s time for school Brian.” mom said. My mom doesn’t know I have telekinesis. I am a student of jean’s now and now I can finally officially learn how to use my powers!

“I want to know what your powers are.” Jean said. I was the last one to show her my power.

I showed her and then she said “We have the same powers!It’s nice to know we have something in common’’


It’s now recess and I saw my girlfriend Sam. She has the power of speed and she can run forever without a sweat. I wonder how she does it!

”I'm so hyper I can’t stop running!”. Sam said quickly her words almost running together.

“Can I have a piggy back ride?”  I asked as she nodded yes.

"That is IF you don't squash me," She teased poking me earning a laugh.


We are back in school and I went to Storm's classroom which is defense in the virtual reality room and I see Linet. She can imagine things in detail and bring it to life but it doesn’t tend to last long since it makes her tired afterwards.. But sometimes I feel like she isn’t telling us everything about her gift. But she is really a challenge to surprise.

"This is how it work, we will turn this room on and it will be like a real situation until we turn the room off. A virtual reality. DO NOT SHOOT THE PUPPY STEWART!! Are we ready? GO!” Storm said her voice echoing like a  whistle as we all got ready.

I start to see sparkles as a hum echoed in my ears just settling on the edge of my mind as cars and buildings start to appear. My first instinct is to hide behind a car but I use my powers and a car lifted off the ground and came to me. I used the car as a shield and got to a near building as fake bullets that were really a fading ink balls shot at the car leaving glowing marks showing where they hit.The killer robot came closer and closer until I used my telekinesis to short circuit the robot before then the bell rang again.


It was lunch I got steak, mac & cheese and an apple. The cafeteria was loud and crowded I sat with my friends Serina, Sam, and Linet. We sat there and started to discuss what our powers were. Linet showed me her powers as a small hummingbird like griffin started to appear, Linets blue eyes glowing faintly with a small gold ring around her pupil; and then every body froze. I thought that Professor X was the only one that did this. Actually it was a girl her name was Carly so I came up to her.

"Hi I’m Brian I have ...”

“telekinesis I know.”She interrupted. know it all much?

 “How did you know? ” I asked curiously

“oh I can read and control minds.” she replied like it was no big deal.

“Did you do this on purpose or accident?” I asked.

"i didn't notice deep in my thoughts i guess." she shrugged.

I went back to my table and they said what is your power so I said “Linet? can your make something please?”.She finished the small humming griff as it squeaked and chirped in her palm, and I lifted this with my power as it floated up wide eyed giving a chirp of surprise.  They clapped and they said that happened to you you were here one moment and gone the next.

I said “See that girl over there she can control minds.” she froze every one except me.

“Why you?’’They asked curiously glancing at the girl curiously.

“Well.. she wasn’t trying to I guess she was thinking about something.”I replied with a shy smile

“Hey is that Professor X?”Sam asked her head snapping around. Just watching makes my own hurt.

I turned around and it saw as he came to Carly and started talking to her and then she pointed to me.I frowned slightly curious of what was going on. Was I staring too much?  he came to me and said come to my office at the end of the day.


The bell rang,it was time for biology my teacher is professor x we started to talk about how we got our powers. the whole time he was teaching he was looking at me.I used my powers to draw on the board. I started to draw Professor X,buuut he figured out I was drawing on the board,and turned around.he asked me how did I learn how to draw like that.

“ I taught myself”I replied with a small smile when really Linet gave me a few secret lessons although she was about to strangle me after the first sheet of paper.I have not much of an imagination when really I just wanted to annoy her.

“how do you do that?” he said

“I think of a person and that happens”I responded unsure myself. Just quoting on again the artist of the group advice and famous quotes.

“You're pretty good but put that to taking notes please” He said with a chuckle as a few other students giggled. I nodded going back to writing this time using my paper and an actual hand of my own to write with a pencil.


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