Little Did You Know!!

A story about me of who i am and what my life is like know and then and what my plans for the future are.... Dont do judgmental comments on this please and i hope you guys understand who i am


1. Basics

Name - Stephanie Victorea (not saying for now only friends and Mason know)

Age - 14 almost 15 in Augugst

Birthday - August 13, 2001

Relationship states - Single

Past Relationships - with a few people in just a year but most marked in my life so far is Dennis she was great amazing and will never forget her.... NEVER!!!

School - I go to school (Middle School) in Wisconsin in the Croix Countys... Im not saying were

Childhood - I was a happy kid loved to clime and i also loved to explore. Some other things I still love to do is draw and sing. I would be the little girl with her radio up high singing and dancing along with the music. I was happy even though I was sad and tryed hiding like my mother said. I grow up till 8th grade (aka now) being a happy girl but in about 6 grade I started hiding in corners. I was happy but had a sad face. So now I'm practicly always sad with little happyness. 

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