Losing Taurus Once More

There were three things Thalia was sure of;

1.) She had a loving boyfriend.
2.) She had no idea who this, Jaden Williams was.
3.) She never had feelings for this, Jaden Williams.

Those were the things Thalia could count on. It was three things she was absolutely positive of. Of course, things change, people change, and Thalia was absolutely sure of nothing.

Jaden Williams and Thalia O'Connor used to be friends for a long time, that of course, was before the incident. He left without a warning and without a backward glance. Covering her hurt and pain, she decided that she would get over her lovable Jaden Williams. She had forgot about him until she saw him in the newspaper, headlines under; Youngest Multimillionaire ever!

Did she really know this Jaden Williams?

Is this why he ran off?

She had shoved her feelings back once more and tried to forget about her high school crush feelings.

That of course, was before he bumped into her at her work - conveniently the same place

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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