Skinny Love

[Skinny Love] a type of relationship between two people that are very in love with each other, or are crushing big time on the other; but are far too embarrassed to express their feelings.

Kenna Howell is in love with her best friend, Landon Carter. She had been for years, since the day she knew what to call that feeling she had when she was around him. Being around him for eleven years had an effect on her. It sucked he didn't feel the same. She would bet money he didn't. She knew everything about him, he willingly told her. She knew about the time he spat in someone's drink because they were rude, she knew about the time he peed his bed, she knew about the time he lost his virginity, she knew about the time he thought he was gay.

She knew everything about him, and he knew everything about her.

Except that she loved everything about him. Everyone has secrets, right?

Praise for Skinny Love -

AllyOop said - "This was excellent and I was hooked from the first text conversation.


1. One


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From Landoo

I got it! You lIkE DyLAN

Kenna  glanced down at the message, ever since he had pressured her into telling him that she liked someone he'd been spamming her phone with guy's names. She sighed down at the message, a part of her wanted him to understand that she liked him, the other part, of course, wanted to just protect their relationship and just continue being his sidekick.

To Landoo


From Landoo



To Landoo 

Someone in our grade. ;)

From Landoo

I got that already. ;-;


"Best friend" That word hurt Kenna to unbelievable measures. Why couldn't she just be more like what Landan wanted? Ombre hair with green eyes. Instead, she was stuck with mangly blonde hair and freakish orangeish eyes. Nothing the wonderful Landon Carter would want. No, Landon wanted perfect -- and that came easily to other girls. To him, she probably looked like an albino, demented cat with her eyes. 

She stared down at the message again, faintly feeling the pain in her stomach she had become accustomed to.  Rejection. Something she was used to with Landon. Yes, she'd never tried anything, but he would have. Nothing ever happened. They'd shared simple friendly kisses, and sometimes Kenna liked to imagine those kisses as romantic ones, like the ones she'd never had. 

To Landoo


What are you doing tonight, wanna hang out?

From Landoo


I'm going out with Elina, I told you yesterday, remember?

To Landoo

Right, I forgot.


Elina Jackson. Her and Landon had been on and off for a few years, in between their breakups he would date other willing girls. 

Not that it mattered, though, even if he was single, he would want her. Kenna thought bitterly. 

Kenna knew she shouldn't have been so self-centered, usually, Kenna put up with Landon's Girls all the time. She just didn't like Elina. It was nothing cliche, and it was nothing abusive -- she simply didn't like Kenna, and Kenna didn't like her. Of course, Elina may have waved her fake nails, and batted her fake eyelashes in Kenna's face and threatened to make sure that if Kenna ruined Elina and Landon, their eleven-year friendship would be ruined. It was nothing big, and it had only happened about six times in the whole year, it wasn't that bad. Kenna rathered to stay away from Elina.

Landon didn't know about these few incidents, no way. If he ever found out there was no telling how it would go. He could either believe his measly friend, or his perfect girlfriend. Kenna figured he would choose the latter. 

Glancing down at the light her phone illuminated, Kenna sighed. She liked him so much, to the point where she may love him. Why couldn't he see? He hadn't texted back, probably with Elina. 

Elina was appealing to the eye, sure, but she was ugly on the inside. Landon didn't seem to understand. Though, with her, when they were talking about Elina, he would always chat about how when he showed her his dog, or his photos, or his chest of old trinkets, how her face lit up like a bulb. He talked about how he adored her, and how they couldn't understand why they broke up the last time. Of course, that was always right before they broke up, and he was spotted making out with another girl in public place. 

"Kenna, honey! Dinner's done!" Kenna's mother's, Barbra, voice rang throughout the house. 

Placing her phone back in her back pocket, she left her bed and yelled back down, hoping her mother could hear her from down the stairs, "Coming!"

Kenna hopped down the smoothed wooden stairs, to be greeted by the warm air and the wonderful smell. Glancing at the table, she saw her father reading the news, and her brother, Kennedy, doing something on his phone. Kenna rolled her eyes and plopped down.

"Kennedy! Off the phone! I'm going to take it!" Kenna's mother scolded, while bringing the forks to the table. Sitting down herself, "Kenna it's your turn to say the prayers." Her mother nodded in her direction. 

Kenna glanced around the table and smiled weakly. Kenna wasn't a Christian, but nobody knew. She didn't dare say anything about it. It wasn't a ig deal, she just didn't like to start an uproar. 
Grabbing hands with her mother,  and Kennedy, she pursed her lips and started. "God, thank you for this food and day, amen"

A chorus of Amen's also followed, but soon to be drowned out by the sound of family chatter and plates clanking around. It was Kenna's and Kennedy's job to take the clear the table today, and they did so, with an add of  their usual bickering. 

Skipping up the stairs with her normal cheerfulness, she plopped down in her dark room's bed. Bringing out her phone, she froze when she saw many messages from him.

From Lanoo


From Lando


From Lando


From Lando


From Lando


From Lando


From Lando


From Landoo


Kenna rolled her eyes and typed across the screen, 

To Landoo


Glancing to his other message she looked at her social media. Nothing interesting had happened and she let her arms fall to the other sides of the bed as she looked up remembering the fun times she'd had with Landon. 

Feeling her body pressed up to someone she been cuddling with she turned over and smiled. "Landon." She smiled, saying groggily and poked his nose, still in his grasp.

"Morning Babe," He replied, rubbing a hand over his face. His morning voice sounded better than hers. 

She simply watched him. His hands never left her waist, tough his head left it spot. His head now laid on her breasts, simply enjoying the feeling of the warmth. They did this often, cuddle together, and often they even laid in bed the whole day, jut talking and sharing a few kisses. 

She'd missed that, but now, Elina wasn't having it. Awaken from her flashback, she glanced down at her phone that had just beeped she read the message.

From Landoo

Elina's mad at me, I can't go home. I told my parents I was leaving house to go to ELina's and shes making me leave. Please let me come over. 

To Landoo

Of course, babe. 

From Landoo 

Love you.

Kenna could have sworn her heart stopped this moment, she couldn't breath. They said love you all the time, and everytime this happened.. 

To Landoo

Love you too ;)

And with that the door rang  to her house. Knowing her family knew it was Landon they let him in, and he ventured his way up to Kenna's room. 

Kenna turned to him and smiled at his presence. "Hey" She said to him and looked up.

"Hey to you," He smiled and leaned down to kiss her soft lips as he hugged her. 

Kenna almost jumped with joy, it took everything in her to control her blush. 

They soon began to cuddle after he had changed, and it changed everything.  


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