What Do You Mean

Jessica Rodriguez is the new girl in L.A. She goes to a dance studio called IDA. She meets a boy Sean Lew. Sean is a boy who is sweet,caring, kind, while Jessica is a nerd and a dancer. Sean doesn't want his friends to make funn of him at school. So he treats her differently. Will Jessica have enough and talk to him about it or will she let it slide?


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I smiled widely. My mom said we were moving to L.A for her new job. My mom promised that she would put me in dance classes, gymnastics, and soccer. But she said soccer in the summer. I sighed. I was sad to leave my friends. I really didn't want to. I sighed and got dressed. (Up there)

I looked around. I smiled widely. I bit my bottom lip. I walked downstairs and saw my mom. I snuck up behind her. I smirked evilly. I was a trouble maker in school too sometimes. I stood behind her and covered her mouth and eyes.

"Where's the girl?" I asked in a manly voice.

My mom jumped and screamed. I let go and laughed hardly. My mom turned to me angrily. I smirked at her and ran upstairs to my room and jumped on my pile of blankets hiding under the covers. I heard my mom storm upstairs.


I held back laughs crawling out from under the covers. I laughed hardly.

"Mom you look like a tomato mixed with a beet root plant and a fire truck!"

"Let's go and you aren't doing gymnastics and soccer until you start respecting me and not scare me anymore."

"But mom." I whined. My mom shook her head.

"When we get to California you are grounded for a week no phone unless you're at school and dance no electronics." My mom growled.

I huffed. I stood up and got my stuff. I put it down stairs and sighed to myself. I sat down on the couch and went on my phone then my mom grabbed my phone shaking her head.

"You said when we get to California."

"Well I remembered that I can't keep you away from your phone cause I know we'll be going out so it's taken until we get to the airport."

I sighed and laid down on the floor closing my eyes. I fell asleep and smiled wider.


My mom shook me gently. I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I stood up. I put my toms on and stood up taking my stuff into the taxi. The moving truck has already left so I had no furniture. I grabbed my blankets from upstairs shoving them in my luggage. I walked with my mom to the taxi.


(A/N: I don't feel like writing every thing and all the airport stuff so they arrived at her new house)

I walked into my new house walking upstairs. I went into my new room and sat down. I looked at everything in my room. I watched the moving people bring my bed upstairs. I pointed toward the corner that wasn't by the window.


Hey guys I know this sucks but eh I tried. Alright well anyways I hope you liked it you can out check my other stories!!

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