Fairy World *discontinued*

My heart was pumping, my fingers felt numb and my throat soar. These next words would be the last I would ever say as a human, after these words there were no restart, re-do or anything else. This would be the hardest decision in my life. I had already made my choice but the words were like stuck in my throat. The time was here and it was impossible to escape it.
The young boy Richard stumbles into the realm of magic and is given a choice of survival. But even after that choice is made his life is in danger. How will he face one of the strongest in the entire magic realm and still survive?


1. Proglouge

Ever since childhood, I’ve been able to see them. Fairies. Not those like Tinkerbell, but real fairies flying around like butterflies. I never thought much of it as a small child. Everybody kept telling me it was just butterflies, which I ended up believing. However, as the years went on, and the fairies returned every year, I knew that it wasn’t something as simple as butterflies. I kept my observations to myself and tried to catch them, but they somehow always ended up making me see them as ordinary butterflies. This have been going on since I was a small child. Today I’m 15 years old and still see fairies. My obsession about them have ended a long time ago. The adults never believed in me and I ended up thinking it was just myself being crazy. Until one day I tumbled into great trouble.

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