Poetry by Ea

Here, in this ''collection'' are my doubts and feelings, they may not always make sense, but do any of us ever really anyway?


1. Life


Time it just flies like the wind in the trees

I can't help but notice the birds in the free

Feeling like nothing could care them any less

Whistling some music that people forget

Forget just how simple but pretty it is

Don't appreciate what they're doing for us

Is this just the world? Is it just how it is?

I don't wanna fulfill it, I don't wanna tip in

But sometimes I wonder is this how it will end?

In madness and hate, just trying to stay safe?

Not caring of others than the ones we can claim

The ones we can call ours and keep for the game

The ones who don't love us but likes to watch

The one who just leaves us when things get rough

The ones who stay higher and laughs at others love

The ones who who just beats you when you say it's enough

Is this what we want? Is it our destiny?

Is this what we will become when time is running up?

I know I don't want to, but I can't read minds

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