The People We'll Meet And The Things We'll Do

"Every wonder what we'd do if we left this town?" She asked. "All the time," He says, holding her hand. They laid there in the bed of his truck, looking out into the night sky. "If I did, would you go with me?" She looks him in the eyes. "Of course," he smiles, and kisses her forehead. "But, not just for a little while. I wanna go, and just keep going. I love this place, it's home. I wanna come back, but right now, I want to leave," She says, a tear falling down her cheek. "What's the tear for?" he asks, wiping it away with his thumb. "It's a happy cry. Just the joy of thinking about the world, and the people we'll meet and the things we'll do," she smiled. "Let's start a revolution," he says, looking back up at the stars. "Okay," she replies.


1. Right Here, Right Now

"So, someday, when we do go, where are we going first?" Sam asked Shayley. "I say, we drop a pencil, and see what way it points. Whatever way it points, we go. The real question you should be asking. Is what's out there," She sits up, and sets her head on the tailgate of the truck, and looks out at the small town. "Look out at those lights. I bet you we could name who most of them belong to. This town is so small, and it's all we've ever known. What if we get out there's and it's completely different?" She asks. "Well then we experience the different. And enjoy the normal that we loved when we get back home," He says, sitting up, and looking out at the small city's lights. She smiles, then stands up. "You know, most people are sleeping right now. Only to wake up, and have to go sit at a desk for hours at a time. Whether it's school, or a job. But we're here... right here, right now. And this, right now, is exactly where I want to be. Until it's time to be out there," I say, pointing past the city. "You want to know something?" He asks her. "What?" she asks, as he raps his arms around her waist, and sets his head on her shoulder. "This will always be home, not matter how far we go," he replies. "What if we find some where better? I don't want to leave my mom and brother behind," she tells him. "If we find some where that is truly better then here, then we can come back and get them, and they can live there with us," he tells her. "I'm just so worried something is going to go wrong," she sighs. "As long as we're together. Nothing can ever go wrong. Okay princess?" he kisses the top of her head. "Okay," she says, still a little unsure.

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