My Wide Receiver

Christopher "Chris" Karney is the new wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers. Focused on his upcoming rookie season he does not have time for distractions and that includes putting his personal life on hold. Leaving behind his "party" life back in Alabama he is ready to get training camp on the roll.

Issy Ruiz is the Penn State University volleyball team Capitan. Between practice, school and work she does not have time for "fun" but when her favorite cousin sends her an invitation for her weeding she just can't say no. So she packs up and take a little mini vacation back to her little Island Puerto Rico but before, she has to make a stop in South Carolina to get her best friend. Little did she know her life was about to change in a drastic way.


1. Chapter 1

When her cousin called her to tell her she was engage, she just couldn't believe her ears. Marisa the " I don't want to hear anything about love" was getting married in 3 months.

"Come again?" I said. Making sure I heard correctly.

"I'm getting marry!" Marisa said way too loud for my ears.

"Okayyyyyy? I didn't even know you had a boyfriend!" I said and it was true last time I've talked to Marisa was about a year ago when she swore off all man kind thanks to her good for nothing ex.

"Issy, I try calling you multiple times, but la señorita can't even call her favorite cousin back." she said and my heart dropped. I know she was right. I know I should have call her back all those times before but I just couldn't.

"Issy please. you know why I couldn't call back." I said trying to remind her that it wasn't like I didn't want to call her.

"I know, I know. Anyways his name is Christian and he is just perfect. He makes me happy, treat me like a princess and he gets along with everyone plus he is hotttttt." She said. Gosh she was making me sick with all that mushy crap.

"Well if he makes you happy that is all that counts." I told her knowing that no matter what I said to her she wasn't going to change her mind about marrying him.

"I know right! Well I was going to ask you if maybe you could be my maid of honor? and don't start with the whole "I'm miles away from you so I wont be able to help" because you will only have to show up and look pretty." She said already knowing what I was going to say.

"Marisa are you sure? I though Maid of honors were supposed to help plan the weeding and all that jazz." I asked.

"Yes im sure! we are having a small weeding and you know how I love planning events. You just have to show up with a speech and put on the red dress I had made just for you" She said I could see her smiling to herself. Gosh I missed her so much.

"Then Marisa it would be my honor." I said.

"YES! I love you so much! so now that we have gotten that out of the way. Tell me how is school and volleyball?" She asked.

"Well we start official work outs in a couple of days and volleyball season starts about the 3rd week of August so your date for the weeding is perfect. School is school, I'm taking some extra credits this semester so next semester I won't be so stress out about school." I said getting excited just thinking about volleyball season.

"That's great Issy. I can't wait to see you on TV again. Love Christian is calling me. I'll text you as soon as I can okay?" She said and I could hear a man calling her name in the  background.

"Okay I love you Risa" I told her.

"Love you too Issy." She said hanging up.

I turned on my MacBook and started searching for flights. I heard my phone go off letting me know I had a new notification. On my TV I seen Cam Newton on the NFL network.

"Hey Lola! Your man Cam is on YV again!" I yelled to my roommate. A word that can describe my roommate Lola could be "Jersey Chaser". Oh man that girl was just obsessed with football players.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" She yelled back.

"You know Bob, I think Chris is a great addition to our team. He is fast, smart and he has hands" I heard Cam said to the host.

"and he is fineeeeee" Lola said looking at me wiggling her brown at me. I laughed.

"You think every football player is fineeeee" I said imitating her.

"Wellllllll okay that's true but I'm telling you this kid is something else. He is gorgeous and he is beast too so that makes him even more hotter. Look let me look him up" she said taking her phone from the night stand.

"uhmmmm" I said not paying much attention to her anymore. I found the cheapest ticket at $550.00.

"I swear this weeding better be the best thing that ever happens in Puerto Rico" I said to myself.

"Puerto Rico?! You going back!? I want to go!" Lola said forgetting her phone on her bed.

"You have $550.00 dollars because that is the cheapest I could fine for the dates I need?" I said and she rolled her eyes at me.

"Do not even buy those damn tickets! Let me text my dad and see If he can get us some cheaper tickets." Lola said jumping out my bed to hers and texting who I'm assuming was her dad.

"Oh okay, let me know. I have to be in Puerto Rico around July 25, the weeding is on the 1st of August" I told her closing my laptop. I lay there thinking about my family. I haven't seen them in almost 3 years and I was not ready to go back.

"He said he would let us use his flying miles and he got me some tickets for the panthers training camp!" Lola said interrupting my thoughts.

"He doesn't have to do that Lola and you know I'm down for a day of football" I told her rolling my eyes at her.

"Issy I don't care you are coming and we are using his flying miles. He's going to lose them if he doesn't use them. Don't argue. Who said you were coming with me to see my boyfriends?" she said pointing her bony finger at me.

"Whatever I am going now what day is training camp?" I asked texting Marisa telling her I was taking Lola with me to the weeding.

"The 3rd of August so we can be back here by the 4th. You know how coach is." She said rolling her eyes.

"Right" I told her.

"Omg there he is, that Christopher Karney. Tell me he is not hot" she said not looking away from the TV. I really couldn't blame her though. He was gorgeous.

"Wow" I whispered to myself or so I thought.

"He is wow alright" she told me coming to lay down by my side.

"He can father any of my 6 kids." She said making me laugh. This girl is something else.

"Okay that is too much Lola." I said still looking at the TV. He had light brown eyes and that smile that could make any girl weak at the knee.

"I'm going to follow him on twitter." She said looking at her phone while I just sat there and stared at that man. I don't know how long I was out for when I heard my phone go off. I look and i had a new twitter notification.

Lola_la_loca has mention you on a tweet. I opened it and almost chocked on my own saliva.

"Oh Lola you are a mess you know that?" I told her hitting her on the shoulder laughing.

"What is true and do not tell me you don't love his smile!" she said going over to her own bed. she knew me too damn well.

"I guess Lola Good night" I said turning off the Tv and my lamp.

"Goodnight Issy" She said turning off her lamp. I went back to my phone and read the tweet again. " I think Issy_Ruiz just fell in love with TheRealChrisKarney 's smile " I laughed going to his twitter profile and following him. oh Lola. I could feel the sleep coming, putting my phone on my night stand I closed my eyes. I heard a phone going off but I didn't feel like checking so I decided to ignore it.

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