this is how i feel every day....


1. Why?

I'm feeling dead and hollow

It's getting harder to swallow

My emotion

This commontion

I have no devotion

To life

Or death's scythe

I'm done

With trying to be number one

I'll never get to be the one she sees

I'm never good enough to please

Their expectations are so high

I'm constantly asking myself why

Do I even try?

What's the point of trying

If inside I'm slowly dying

I can't take it much longer

They say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

What is life's plot

If it can be ended with a single thought?

All the things we sought

All the insults we bought

Nothing more I can I say

It's better off this way

Who would miss me if I really did it

All I can say is I'm done with their bull shit


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