Brain Dead

Dan and Phil are currently on tour performing TATINOF and everything is going great for the two boys.

But what happens when Phil becomes sick and is diagnosed with a disease that will change everything...


1. 1.


'Where the hell is he' I thought to myself as I sat awkwardly on stage. My support group section finished 5 minutes ago and Phil was meant to appear on stage but he hadn't.

I'd spent the last 5 minutes awkwardly improvising. Phil has a natural flair for performing to people on stage and keeping them interested, but the minute something goes wrong I freeze and show my true awkward, antisocial self. You can see why I was worried.

Not only did I feel awkward, but I felt bad for the fans. So many of them had looked so forward to seeing us and I really didn't want to upset any of them or make them miss out.

"Dan you're going to need to come backstage quickly, one of the team will go on and explain to the audience" I heard Andy tell me through the earpiece.

Andy is our tour manager and we owe him so much. Without him the tour would just be two idiots standing awkwardly on an empty stage wishing there was a computer in sight.

He sounds worried and that worries me. I stared at the audience and wondered if I should say something. But then again what would I say? I had no clue what was going on. I decided just to leave, someone better than me would explain.

I ran off stage as quickly as I could and went to find Andy. He wasn't in the dressing room where me and Phil chill before the show. I went to leave and find somebody who would know but then I noticed the blood.

At first it seemed like only a small amount outside the bathroom door, but when I opened the door to look inside I got a shock.

The bathroom had blood splattered everywhere and it looked like a scene from a horror movie. It looked like somebody had been murdered in there. But they hadn't, had they?

I reshut the door and left the room to try find Andy and ask him what the hell was happening.

"Back door Dan" I heard his voice come through the earpiece again and I'll give him that, he has perfect timing.

It took around 30 seconds to get to the back door. It should have taken longer but none of the backstage crew were running around like they normally do were.

'Where is everyone?' I thought to myself but I decided that I would ask Andy when I found him.

I never got to do that though as when I reached the back door I was met by a shocking sight.

There was an ambulance and somebody was being loaded into it on a stretcher.

There was no doubt in my mind who it was from the minute I saw the dark hair that was stuck to his sweaty forehead. Phil!

"WHATS HAPPENED?!" I shouted as I ran over to Phil. He was unconscious and looked awful. He was more pale than normal and sweating like mad. There was also blood all around his mouth and on his clothes. That mess in the bathroom, was it him?

"Sonny you can't be on here" an old male paramedic told me as I attempted to board the ambulance.

"I'm his boyfriend" I pleaded and watched the thought go across the mans face. Would he or wouldn't me let me get into the ambulance.

I'd never been more relieve than when he told us that me and Andy could ride to the hospital with him.

The ride was silent and I would have given anything for Phil to have been scolding me for letting the B word slip in public. We were very secretive of our relationship as we like the way things were at the moment and didn't feel the need to change that.

Coming out was also a big deal to both of us and we were waiting for the perfect time.

"What happened?" I quizzes Andy instead.

"He came off stage looking a little pale but insisted it was nothing and that he just needed to nip to the loo. I sent one of the boys to keep and eye on him and 2 minutes later they came back saying they'd heard retching noises in the bathroom and then a massive crash. Luckily he'd not locked the door and that's how we found him. Lying unconscious in a puddle of blood that he's thrown up."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I asked almost angrily, not wanting to give the information time to sink in. I didn't want to think about what had happened to him whilst I wasn't there to look after him.

"We didn't want you in the way Dan. We needed to get him into safe hands as soon as possible. You love him too much to see him hurt so you would have only got in the way.

I just nodded, not knowing whether I agreed with this or not. They should have told me but then again would I really have been able to stand back and let them do there job.

The minute we reached the hospital Phil was whisked out of the ambulance before I had even had the time to register we'd stopped moving.

"Come on kid lets get you a drink, they'll let us know what's happening as soon as they known" Andy suggested and I nodded, too numb to disagree. He ordered himself a coffee whilst I just got a can of Coke. I needed something I could just throw when they let me see him.

It seemed like forever that we waited outside him closed off room. The curtains were pulled shut and I had no clue what was happening. They could have been doing anything to him in there and I wouldn't know.

Andy kept going back to the vending machines to get us more drinks and I was on my 5th can of Coke when I received the words I'd been waiting to hear.

"Mr Lester is stable and has been informed of his current medical condition. You may now see him..."

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