Jut some musings that I wanted to write... I would be very honored if you gave my "book" a try... I hope it's better than what I think it is and I would love to hear anybody's thoughts on anything I write...
With Love and Words
~ Writer


1. Chapter One?

Sometimes life takes you places... Others, it lets you choose the path... But no matter what happens things always happen for a reason... And that something better is just over the horizon...

I don't know where I heard this. Maybe I made it up. Or maybe it just came to me when I needed it most.

But I guess it doesn't really matter where I heard it, but more of if I really believe it.

Do I believe it?

Do I really believe that everything happens for a reason?

That no matter what happens things really will turn out for the better?

I guess I do believe it.

Because without out belief how can you experience it?

How can you experience that happiness over the horizon without the belief that it's really there?

If you don't believe in it, it could just pass you by without you even realizing it.

How are you supposed to know that it's there if you can't even believe that it will come in time?

That is why believe is one of the most powerful things there is.

It's what defines who you are. Identifies you. Shows the world that that's who you are and that you aren't going to change. That no matter what, you will believe in better things to come. Because to believe is to have faith, and that in itself is magical. It can create so much beauty if you can just believe in it to see it.

But I guess you don't want to hear me talk about magical beliefs.

You're here to read a story about a modern everyday girl (probably prettier than average but average nonetheless) who will meet some boy (probably dreamy and handsome) and they end up with a complicated relationship that works out in the end because their love can conquer all, blah blah blah. Because that's the story that everybody likes to read. Nobody cares if its overused. They just care if they can make it past all the obstacles in their way while keeping their relationship intact. Oh and we can't forget the ex-girlfriend who is crazy in love with the boy and will do everything in her power to keep them apart and win over his love while doing so!

Because we all want to read that story don't we?

We all want to find out how their relationship works out?

But did you ever wonder what actually happens to the ex? Or what happens to them after high school? Are they going to go to different colleges? Are they going to end up going to the same college so they can stay together? And if they do, do they end up getting married and having kids in the end? What does the wedding look like? How many kids do they have? What are the kids names?

I guess it's too many questions to answer in a book and it would take to long to write it all down in a series. So the Author decides to leave it to the reader's imaginations. And that is great and all but I'm sure that all the reader's had completely different views about the story in the end.

I guess not everyone had the same questions I did. Or if they had any questions at all. Maybe they just decided to move on to another book after they finished the one they were reading.

But I guess I'm just rambling now aren't I?

I guess it doesn't really matter anyways.

It's not like anyone actually read this far into my "Little Book" huh?

But I can guess that maybe some of you loyal ones did. Even though it's not all that interesting anymore. First I talked about a saying, then my belief in it, then why you should believe in it, and finally about the stereotypical books that are written. But we all love those books no matter how any different versions of the same one we read. I can admit that I like books like that no matter what I said earlier. This "book" is just a compiling of different musings that I've thought of and you don't actually have to continue reading it if you really don't want to...

I guess I should stop here though huh?

Before I get carried away again.

Thanks for reading if you actually made it this far.

And thanks to all those who tried to read it but didn't like it, got bored and quit reading it, or for those who didn't like my little musings. Thanks for giving my "book" a shot anyways.

But this isn't the end...

With Love and Words

- Writer

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