Perks of Dating a Bad Boy

"So I just have to be your 'pretend girlfriend'?"
"Yeah, that's about it."
"But why?"
"Cause you and I both know, that you'd love it more than I do."


1. Extended Blurb (Might Be Removed Later)

Extended Blurb (Might Be Removed Later)


“So, you’re saying that I just have to be your 'pretend' girlfriend?”

I think my life literally turned over when the notorious troublemaker-tormentor-heartbreaker-playboy singer gave me the proposition of fulfilling my lifelong dream- of dating him.

Despite all his incidents, the rumors and the affairs he had up his sleeve, when he looked at me with those captivating eyes he had me by my soul.

Albeit fake, but couldn’t be worse than me telling everyone I was mentally dating him.

And when a guy as hot as him asks you for your liver, you give your liver.

And when he asks you to be his girlfriend for whatever creepy fetishes or twisted reasons, you be his girlfriend.

No matter what, you agree.

Even if dating someone like him has its... perks.




No hate.


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