Zoe is doing ok; good family, great friends and a good job.

You all ready know how Niall is

Everything is normal for Zoe until she does something unspeakable with 1 member of One Direction

When these two worlds collide will sparks fly or spirits break?


1. VIP

"That's so unfair, I wish I had an access all areas badge" my friend Sam whined looking at the gold pass hung round my neck,

"Yeah but that's only so you could try hook up with Rhianna!" I shot back shoving him into the row of tents next the mud ridden path down to the main stage.


"Zoe! Sam!" A voice shouted above the noise, I turned around to see my two best friends Lucy and Grace jumping up and down waving at us behind a pair of obese old ladies. I stepped out of the path so they could catch up.

"Hey guys, how you feeling?" I said grinning at the pair, last night was the first night at the festival and we went to as many bars as possible about 5 o'clock the morning. Lucy and Grace got exceedingly hammered and fell asleep in a hammock on a hill at the top part of the festival I think. They both looked pale and their legs were thick with mud, but we didn't care, that's what happened at big festivals in the countryside I suppose.

Today I was going to make the most of my VIP pass that my dad had gotten for me. He was friends with the owner of the festival and was also working in the VIP section at another stage so I got to use his Access All Areas pass.

"So what are you planning to do today?" I asked Lucy and Grace.

"I think we're going to see Hozier at the Second stage later on, but I think we're just going to find a quiet spot and sleep, my head feels like it's going to explode!" Grace said miming her head exploding, I laughed. "I suppose you're going to live it up with the celebs?"

"Yes, I am young Grace Face," I said matter-of factedly, "but don't worry I won't fall in love with one and run away to marry them like in your weird fan fictions!" I laughed, Grace laughed too but kick me in the leg. "Okay okay!"

"Before you go Zoe lets go have a drink" Sam said putting his arm over my shoulder.

"Yeah, two o'clock is drink o'clock after all!"

The four of us went to the nearest bar we could find and got a cold cider each, we danced stupidly to a weird Indian style band playing in the corner and then we went our separate ways for the afternoon.

I waded through the thick mud and crowds of people for a good half hour before I got to the gates to the VIP section behind the Main Stage. Three large men in high-vis jackets stood blocking it.

"Pass please Miss" the tallest said as I walked up the gate.

I pulled the pass from my neck and handed to him. He shone it under a bright light and nodded to the others who then opened the gate. He passed the pass back to me and as soon as I was through they quickly shut it again and bolted it up so nobody, like the three girls behind me, could get in.

In front of me was a huge line of black tour buses, some with logos of bands such as Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Hozier as I walked along to the large white marquee I noticed that the buses were getting bigger and the biggest out of them all was none other than One Direction! And even though I am almost 22 years old my stomachs still flipped with excitement. I squealed and jumped up and down for a second.

"Calm down Zoe" I said quietly, "deep breathes" I took three deep breathes to calm myself down and carried on walking, trying not to look like an idiot.

As I walked past I looked in at the front of the bus, a large guy probably in his fifties was asleep with his feet up on the dashboard and had a newspaper over his chest. As I was about to leave the black door behind the driver opened and out stepped the blonde Niall Horan! He was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with a peace sign on it, it looked good, not going to lie.

Panicking I quickly looked away, so I didn't seem like I had been watching him. I bent down to tie the lace on the front of my boots back up when I heard a whistle from behind me. I stood back up and turned around.

"Can I help you?" It was Niall. I could feel my face going red already. Great!

"No, I'm alright thanks, I was just going to the Marquee" I said quickly trying to walk away.

"That's where I was going! Mind if I join you?" He asked

"Um yeah sure!" I said in my head I was screaming. "Your Niall right?" I said trying not to sound crazy.

"Yeah" he laughed, "what's up your name?"

"Zoe, Zoe Hastings" I replied, suddenly his phone rang and he walked away again giving me a quick wave as he went.

After he'd gone, I quickly walked to the marquee, had my pass checked again and went in. Inside there was about 40 odd people, some of whom I recognised but others I had no idea who they were. I walked over to the small bar and ordered a cider again and got ready to mingle.

I talked for hours to people like James Bay, Greg James from Radio 1, Example and even the owner of the festival David Banner. As it got darker more people filled the marquee and the alcohol defiantly flowed that night. By the time I saw Niall again I was quite drunk.

Niall came in with the rest of the guys, they had changed again into some more normal clothes. They were quickly surrounded by people so I stayed and talked to a guy from Hozier's band, the drummer I think. I drunk another two drinks before I went to talk to him. All four of them were sat at a table covered in glasses talking to each other over the music playing from the main stage behind the marquee.

"Hello, I'm Zoe." I said sitting on a chair at the table.

"Hi, I'm Harry nice to meet you" Harry said next to me. The other three smiled but carried on talking. "That's Louis, Liam and Niall," he continued, "I'm sure you've heard of us"

"Yes I have" I said and laughed again. "Want to drink Harry?" I asked standing up from the table.

"Yeah sure!"

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