This is the story of the peots.


1. The First One

I saw her coming from a mile away, so I ran out to meet her. I was the only one who noticed at the time. The others only followed after I had gotten a mile lead.

"What the hell is that?!" one of them accompanying her stops advancing in alarm. 

"Don't!" She snatches something from him, a long thing, it's irregular shape slowed my pace. Soon I stop, uncertain whether I should greet her or not. Right when I'm about to turn around she approaches me, scoops me up in her arms and embraces me to her chest, I press my ear to soul. I learn a lot from her.

Who she was, what she was, who those two beside her were. Human. Males. The one who was going to shoot me has been inscribed as Walter, some kind of specialist in data? He was good friends with Gideon, the other man. I could feel the strong bond between the souls of her and Gideon, almost like a magnetism. It was such a warm feeling, love, I learned. That's what it was, they were married. I close my eyes and let the information wash over me as she speaks.

"This is a peot." she explains to the men. "They're animals but they're not terran creatures, they're celestial."

The men blink at her, then at me. I sniff at them. 

Gideon smiles, nervously while Walter frowns.

"It's cute."

He was complimenting me! I sniff at him, for some reason I felt pleased with myself. Flattery.

"He's not like the demons in the city, back then peots were equivalent to the same status as family." she continues to explain to them, they didn't know what I was. I didn't what I was either. 

"So they were like pets?" Walter asks. Gideon continues to study me, he seemed far more accepting than Walter who continued to show signs of unease. A pet, I gathered was an animal raised by a human. For some reason Walter's statement makes her warm, but it was a bad warmth, unpleasant... she had taken offense.

"I guess you could see it like that, but they were more like family, not animals...peots have special abilities, back then when the Doll House was stationed here, they would serve as assistants, they would heal your injuries, shield you from attacks with their aura..." she pauses to stare at me. She could sense what I wanted. What I was yearning for. Love. Family. She smiles at me before stroking the fur between the ears on my head. It felt good. Soothing. A sound escapes my mouth, I don't know what to make of that but it seems to erase the caution on the men's faces now they observing me meekly.

She brushes back the fur dangling in front of my eyes and shows it to them.

"He's from the panacea bloodline." She tells them upon studying my eyes. "Peots from the panacea breed specialize in healing, but this one comes from a clan that possesses x-ray vision to pin-point diseases and injuries, peots from this breed are usually very intelligent but...." Suddenly her eyes widen and her eyes soften. 

She strokes my head once more.

"This one's special." 

"What? How can you tell?" Gideon gives her a funny look.

She tilts her head.

"I can just tell."

She turns to Walter.

"I think he'd be a perfect match for you, why don't you look after him?"

Walter stiffens, he didn't want me, I could sense it.

"I'm not so good around animals."

She holds me out to him. It's my turn to stare at him curiously. He was a scraggly man, tall, his eyes a murky green shielded by glasses. Freckles across his nose, brown hair,  When Walter looks me in the eyes I could feel something attach to me. We were linked now. Bonded.

"Would you look at that?" I could tell that by the sound of her voice that she had sensed it too.

"You've both imprinted. Now you have to take him." 

Walter looks to Gideon for help.

"Go on." 

They stand there for a while, Everyone staring at Walter, Walter staring at me and me him. Walter always wanted a pet, but his parents would never allow him, they didn't want it to serve as a distraction. Walter never went against his parents before only once, he found a stray roaming their neighborhood and tried to take it home but it lashed out at him. I give Walter a firm stare. 

I'm not a pet. I'm a peot. I'm family now. I stare at him, internally pleading. 

Let me be your family!

When Walter takes me from her hands I was overwhelmed with a joyous feeling. A sound erupts from my mouth.

The Queen smiles at me.







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