The Double date

Den er mega VILD.


1. Jajajajaj

The Double Date.

We we're on a vacation in Dubai. Me and Maja lived in the most expensive and best rated hotel in Dubai. We were going to be there in a while. 
When we walked in a city in Dubai we shopped a lot, and ate at fine restaurants. We took a lot of fun pictures, sometimes people looked weird at us. Mostly we just chilled and saw a lot of things. 

When we got back to the hotel, there was a lot of people and paparazzi out front the hotel, and there was a limousine. We got curious and asked who it was. They said that I was Channing Tatum and Megan Fox. In the beginning they wouldn't let us in. So we waited outside of the hotel in 5 hours before letting us in. When we finally got in, we were exhausted. We got our key to our room, and when we got up the elevator, there were a lot off people close to our door, actually the door next to us. Then we thought they might live next to us. We didn't think much of it, so we went to sleep. The next day we would go out to get some breakfast, but as we took the first step out of the door, we meet Channing and Megan. We just looked at each other, then they both said hi, and then we got into a little talk. They asked if we would like to eat breakfast with them, and yeah of course we would. While we were eating breakfast there was at least 10 paparazzi men outside the door, Megan said “they think we are dating, but we are just friends” so are we did Maja said. We got their numbers, and then after breakfast we were going to shop. After a long and an amazing day we finally got home, and we talked about the day, Maja and I. We both liked them, and we're happy to be with them. 

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