A journalist story

A journalist, A story and Zac Efron?


1. Zac efron?

Akt 1:

Michael came into my office “Sarah, i have an assignment for you”. I looked up from the screen and looked at Michael “What do you have Michael?” Michael unfolded a poster “Zac efron is in town” i looked surprised at him “ Is zac efron here in Bronx?” “ yes and you have scoop up something about him, maybe about his alcohol problem and break up w. vanessa” I got up took my camera and recorder, everyone was in a hurry at det magazine, my best friend Monica was walking towards me. “ Is it true that you got the article about zac efron?” she said it with a weird look on her face. “Yeah i did, i’m actually on my way down to plaza where he’s staying” I started walking past as she frowned at me, The last year Monica had been a bitch to me and I don’t understand why, i’ve always been nice to her.


Plot point 1:

I’m standing in front of plaza there’s a lot of paparazzi around the hotel and i’m pretty sure i’m not getting in there in this dimension, I called the hotel and said one of the hottest upcoming celebrities was on their way “Sarah miller” and yeah that’s me. The hotel owner fell straight for it and now Sarah Miller has to get on a limo and get in to her hotel. i went to the nearest shop got a scarf, sunglasses and a sunhat. My limo picked me up five blocks from the plaza hotel, my limo stopped and my chauffeur opened my door and got the paparazzi to the side. In the corner of my eye i saw Monica! Monica seriously she is trying to steal my story.. I felt an arch in my heart, i felt like she betrayed me.

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