If i lose you

The story about a teenage


1. Introduction

it was there, in a stormy day, a teen, a teen who wanted to give a game over to his life. For this reason, he was about to jump from a building extremely high.

*Teen said in his mind*

???: Well, my life doesn´t count anymore, who cares about it? yeah, nobody, but why i will just give a game over to my life? i mean, that started when my mom and dad broke their marry when i was only 3 or something... then my life took a sad way to life.... yeah that's why i will make that, i don't want to be this person...

*a man saw him and he called the police*

*the police arrived to the place*

Policer officer: hey boy, don't do that

???: well, who're you talking about, i can't see any boy, only a teen that will jump to his dead

Policer officer: i'm talking with you, you don't need to do this, think about your family and Friends!

???: you said anything about my family? hehe i don't have family any more, they died for me when i was a kid, and Friends? i don't understand that word, i don't have anything called Friends, only people that want to hurt me, but they didn't hurt me with their insults or their abuse to me, in general, only enemies!

Police officer: ugh...bu...

???: nothing else i mean right?

Policer officer: can i know your name?...

???: well, that will some of my last words,... my name is.... is... Brennan...

Policer officer: you said Brennan?... *starts to cry*

Brennan: yes, Brennan Dasmai

Policer officer: *cry more* i'm your....

Brennan: my...

Policer officer: Your father...

Brennan: *cries of sadness and hatred*

Brennan: You,... you aren't my father, you only are a lier!

Policer officer: i'm not a...

Brennan: Lier, you're a lier, lier, lier, LIER, *starts to laugh like a psycho*, hahaha, stop lier

Policer officer: I'm your father! that's the truth

Brennan: stop lying please!

Policer officer: i'm not lying!

Brennan: *starts to cry a Little* hehe,... it doesn't matter i'm gonna jump!

*Brennan jump from the building*

Policer officer:  Noooo...

*before that  made landfall with the floor, the rescue team came with a mattress that save the life of brennan*

*Brennan was impacted that could not speak, while his pupil is dilated*

*The man go and hug brennan*

Policer officer: you still alive! (starts to cry) now i'm gonna be the father that i haven't been



And tha't's how the story begans

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