The unknown sister


1. introducing ,me !

I'm Kaitlyn Potter . Yes I'm Harry Potter's twin sister . Every girl's dream, huh? Well not for me , to be honest I didn't even know until last week. Apparently I was found by a poor wizarding family but put in an orphanage because they couldn't afford to keep me. I was adopted my muggles but never knew I was a witch, until , like I said , last week. It does explain all the weird things that happen when I get mad or sad .

Dumbledore himself came to pick me up. I got all my school supplies including my wand. It's 14 1/2 inch,pine wood, and unicorn hair for the core. I also got a barn owl and named her Nyx.

Before i knew it, it was time for me to go on the Hogwarts express my parents and brother ( not biological) came to say bye ! I found an empty compartment near the back and was getting my book out along with last minute reminders from my mom and dad . Then at exactly 11 the train started to move I said my last farewell until I could write or until Christmas .

I was alone. I had no company except for my books.

A/N: this my friends was a brief introduction to my new charter!! I will try to steer away all that cliche stuff ! Don't forget to like and/or favorite! Don't be afraid to comment all feedback will be taken well ! See ya!

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