A "Youtubers" Journal


1. Upload 1

It all started when I was bored beyond belief. I was home alone --well I was with my cat misha-- I had a camera, tripod and a whole lot of jumbled thoughts just waiting to escape the entrapment of my mind. So I took a video of me just talking about relatable things. The first thing I spoke about is something I do all to well. If I found myself in place where I knew absolutely no one, I would take my iPhone out and act as if I'm texting various people --even though my phone consist of about three contacts-- that always seemed to help time go by. Mainly because while my eyes are glue to a notification-less blank screen, I avoid making eye contact with actual people. The next topic of discussion was my confession of being completely awkward,as if it weren't already apparent in the video. I went on with real examples of my "hilarious" jokes. Like the one time when my friend read my message at 3:14pm and I said "You read my message at pi" I laughed uncontrollably and he replied "lol" and everyone knows "lol" is a sad abbreviation to acknowledge a joke, but let you know that it wasn't funny, at all. Another time my friend asked if I would like to go watch a movie and my response was priceless --at least it was to me-- I said "do objects at rest stay at rest?" She gave me the blankest stare and said, "is that a yes or no?" I moved on to the last subject which was the special aggravation I had towards the people who ask me a question and completely ignore the answer. What makes it worse is when you cut me off, I mean seriously don't ask a question and cut me off in the middle of the answer just to start a new conversation. I really do hate that! --and yes I know, Hate is a strong word.. That's why I used it-- anyway after I finished filming, I edited the video, and by editing I mean took out all the weird things I said and did. I then added soft music in the background. The video stayed on my Mac for about a week and then I uploaded the video to YouTube. This was after a long day of watching my favorite youtubers. I uploaded my video knowing it would never get over ten views. Surprisingly enough in three days I had a hundred views and nine comments, granted four of those comments were from the same person. One comment read, "#relatable" another read, "in luv with youre style" another person said "YouTuber wannabe, you won't make it but I'd love to watch you crash and burn! Lmao" so yeah my video was relatable, someone was in love with my style but clearly not in love with grammar rules and some hater would love to watch me crash and burn and oddly enough I think I'd enjoy crashing and burning a lot more knowing that I have someone rooting for me in the audience. I'd say YouTube upload numero uno was a success-ish.

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