Twisted Memories


She's not normal, her behaviour is not heard of in the vampire realm.
Because of her behavious, she can't stay there anymore.

Dawn is a vampire, but not just any vampire, she's the only vampire who refuses human blood. To the elders it is an unspeakable act, they must stop her. To prevent her from being a problem is either by death, or an even more treacherous punishment. Sending her to the human realm on an empty stomach, with only one choice. Feed, or die.But Dawn is not alone, she is accompanied by her minion Fae. Their friendship has always been strong without a doubt. But will a shocking accident split them up forever?

PS. This was the first novel I'd ever written so I appologise for any noob mistakes XD


1. Banished.

We strode up to the jury of elders, My palms were sweating, my vampiric blood was pulsing in my veins. My strong, graceful body was tense, I was unsure as why I was here, I hadn't done anything wrong. I had only tried to be moral in a way of which was unacceptable to the vampire colonies. I looked at Fae who's delicate face was as white as snow, her long, sleek purple hair drooped down to her wrists where the enchanted handcuffs binded her hands together.

"Dawn Eligio Alessandro and Fae Baldovino Callidora please step forward." said Judge Thana.

"You are here today on account for protesting against the feeding off humans." accused the Judge.The jury gasped in shock as this is abnormal for a vampire to fight against. Fae looked at me, her slanted turquoise eyes glistened as she stared into my slitted eyes that matched a shining sapphire gem. Beads of sweat fell from Fae's face onto the obsidian floor. The moon shone in on us from the purple stained glass dome roof. The moons reflection bouncing of the quartz walls. "Is this statement true?" He proclaimed.
 "Obviously it is true because why else would we be here?" I stated. Fae elbowed me in the hips signaling me to stop ranting on. 
"Excuse Dawn sir, she can act out irrationally." Fae whispered.
"Why is your minion speaking for you!" chuckled Judge Thana.
"She is not my minion! She is my friend who just happens to do everything I say and emotionally tethered to me!" I blurted.

Fae chuckled under her breath, the tension in her shoulders loosened. She straightened her back and looked Judge Thana straight into her eyes, her confidence restored. 
"I may be her guardian but that does not necessarily mean I have to be just that." declared Fae. Fae was my guardian, a witch who is personally attached to me, she protects me and helps me make the right decisions but I am starting to question if I should listen to her after the recent chain of events that have leaded me to the court house. 
"Dawn and Fae you have confessed to your actions and in return will be punished severely." 
"Should I not at least get to say why I did it?" I exclaimed.
I had always hated the way that we feasted off humans and kept them in farms as there was substitutes such as a mixture of enchanted herbs, but this was unacceptable to the vampire colonies as this has been the way of life in Deephaven for as long as anyone can recall.
"After confessing to your actions there is no need to."
Judge Thana turned around and faced the jury of elders, her blood red robe trailing behind her.

They whispered to each other,trying to determine what out punishment was to be for our actions.
"Everything is going to be okay." Fae whispered to me
"Only if I am with you." I said grabbing hold of her hand.
We stared through the dome roof at the crescent moon and embraced it in all its beauty, as if it was the last time we would. 
"Dawn and Fae please rise up in attendance of Elder Akili."
I strolled up to the judging podium with Fae by my side, our hands clutched together.
"Dawn Eligio Alessandro and Fae Baldovino Callidora as a punishment for your actions you have both been banished to the human realm to live out what remains of your life!"
At that moment the realm of Deephaven stopped turning. Everything froze around me as if time itself had collapsed.

They had to be joking! That can't be the real punishment! Its to severe for a 16 year old vampire. Then it hit me, the reason why they had choice this punishment, the reason they found it so suitable. If I was banned to that realm I would have a choice to either feed off of a human or die. They wanted me to go against my beliefs, they wanted me to know that there was no choice against feeding of humans, that it was a necessary part of a vampires life.

It was impossible to reason with the elders. They gave us 1 day before we had to leave for the human realm.
I established a plan to gather enough herbs to make a blood substitute to last me at least a year. I would have to spend a year sipping my life out of bottles or either drink from warm human flesh which I found unacceptable.
I was not ready to leave behind my life here,I had only just begun living, fitting in with fellow vampires, making friends. I was not ready to leave the city of Deephaven, its tall quartz buildings,obsidian paths,the constant moon which illuminated the city, bouncing off the quartz walls creating a sphere of light. I had been educated in school about the human realm and how the moon only comes out at a time called night and that the sun if fatal to our delicate porcelain skin but nothing on how to survive there! Fae materialized next to me while I was packing my bag, she threw the bag of fluorescent purple,spiked plants onto her bed.
"At least we have each other." she said her voice trailing off. I hugged Fae from behind and whispered into her soft pink ear
"We will never be pulled apart."
"For we are one!" we chanted together, laughing we toppled backwards onto her bed.

Fae made intricate patterns with her hands,bursts of yellow light emerged, creating quiet crackling noises. I admired the delicate patterns that hung above our heads.
"Have you ever wished you weren't a witch?" I asked Fae.
"Everyday i would if i wasn't with you, your the one that keeps me sane" she stated nuzzling her chin into my shoulder.
"I have never regretted being assigned to you ever since I was when I was 10."
"Well your never going to be 'unassigned' as now we have to spend an eternity together in the human world." I chuckled.
"We better be heading to the Court house its nearly time to go...." Fae said her voice trailing off, a tear silently fell from her eye and slid down her rosy cheeks. I wiped away the tear and stood up, grabbing my bag and slinging it across my shoulder, I reached out my hand towards her, signaling her to grab it
She grabbed hold of my pale hand and I pulled her up to her feet, I could tell she was sobbing silently.

"Come on." I said pulling her behind me. 
I turned the bronze doorknob and looked back at my room, with its blood red walls and wished it farewell.

"We are going on an adventure."

"More like an eternity in hell!" Fae shouted, tripping behind me as I pulled her along.

We stood outside the towering quartz building which was the Court. We strode inside the great titanium doors onto the marble tiles of the reception, a cool breeze hit us as we approached the desk.
"We are here to-" I started to say before getting interrupted.
"I know who you are and why you are both here Ms.Callidora and Ms.Alessandro."the receptionist stated.
"Left corridor, take the stairs down a floor and its the second door on the left."

"Thank you for your help." I hissed.
I turned around and started to head in the direction of the room when the receptionist called me back.
"Look I know your punishment is harsh and I find it quite unacceptable for a pair of 16 year old girls, but it does not mean you have to live your last few moments here talking to everyone harshly."
I absorbed what she said and replied,
"Thank you for your advice." I felt ashamed of how I spoke to her.
Fae said farewell to her and we were on our way to what I suppose, was the rest of our lives.

We reached our destination and stood outside the door, unsure of what was going to happen.

As I went to turn the doorknob, the door flung open from the other side.
"Dawn and Fae, we have been waiting for you for quite some time now..."
"Sorry Judge Thana we had to pack our bags." I stated, my hands shaking.
"Well its time to meet your fate." said Judge Thana, with a swift movement she swung her long red robe behind her as she walked toward an elevator. She signaled us to follow her and that, we did. The elevator smelled like stale blood probably from Thana's recent feast, which still lingered in her breath. Fae looked uncomfortable as she searched for my hand to clutch on. I went to grab it but Judge Thana blocked Fae's hand with her arm, she stared into my eyes, a look of resentfulness filled them. The doors of the elevator opened, a room full of darkness awaited for us. The Judge ushered us into the room full of darkness, I could sense that we were not alone in the room, I could smell other scents that were faintly recognizable. 
"Stand here!" Thana said placing me in a certain part of the room with Fae next to me.
"Dawn and Fae please step forward." said a mysterious figure.
We did as they said, the ground which we stepped on became uneven. Suddenly a blue pool of magical liquid illuminated in front of us. It startled me and I would have tripped in if It hadn't been for Fae grabbing hold of my sleeve. The portal revealed the other mysterious presence, of the room-An Elder.

An Elder was one of the highest people in the vampire world. He made serious decisions and was thought of as the wise one who knew what the right thing was to do in all circumstance. He was the one who made the decision to send me and Fae to the human realm. A hatred for my realm started to grow as I thought about how my kind could put people like that in the place to make decisions like that! How they could keep farms of humans and feast off their blood whilst they are still breathing, still alive, still able to feel what is happening to them. My blood started to boil as these thoughts flooded my mind. Fae could sense I was pissed off and shuffled to my side.
"Its going to be okay Dawn" she whispered as the Elder talked about the rules we broke etc. Those few words set my mind at ease as I thought about how I would soon be relieved of the horrors of this realm. In a few moments I was to be in another realm which I was sure could not be worse then this.
"Before you are to go...... we must search your bags and clear them of anything that consists in only our realm as it must not mingle with any other" declared the Elder.
I remembered:The herbs. The herbs which were my only chance to survive at all in the human world were in my bag and were about to be taken from my rucksack.
"Surely we should be allowed a token from this realm which reminds us of home" Fae bargained realizing herself what was in the bag.
"I am afraid not as we cannot have the humans know about this realm as they don't believe in vampires"
"Your just afraid that they will find out that you keep their kind in farms here to feast upon" I threatened.
The Elders fists clutched and he exhaled deeply
"You will NOT question what I say, now co-operate immediately or you will not be allowed to take even a single piece of cloth with you!"
At that moment silence fell in the room, our bag was taken and all realm objects were confiscated including the herbs. 
The bag was thrown at my feet and I picked it up and clutched it in my arms.
"You will now step forward willingly into the portal or be forced in, this will teleport you to the human realm." 
"Where will it take us, in the human realm that is?" I questioned.
They must have taken that question as a sign of resistance as they pushed us both into the portal.
The portal was quite shallow and I stood up in it, I watched the elder chuckle as the blue particles engulfed us, bringing us to the human realm which we were now to call home.

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